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Jason Hope and the Internet of Things advancement

Jason Hope is a tech entrepreneur and one of the people who love technology with a passion. When it comes to matters of taking care of the technology trends that are coming up in recent times, no other person can explain them well in the manner in which Jason Hope does. He has been a technology commentator for a long time. He has worked with people who have been in the industry for many years, and his understanding of the industry is better than the average person. As an expert in matters of technological revolution, he has taken the role of establishing a close relationship with businesses that need to be supported in this filed. He can help businesses align their goals with the technological trends that are coming up. In light of the matters that are taking place, there is a common consensus that we need to have a better view of the future of the technology. No matter who you are, you will be liable to make investment opportunities that align with the market. Visit his facebook to learn more about his platforms.

Jason Hope has predicted that the Internet of Things will happen and it has has come to pass, right now we have companies which are investing massively in this technology. These are companies that understand this technology is the biggest thing to have ever happened in technology. The move has seen some companies, especially in the airline sector, invest billions which are going to research work. Companies like Boeing have already introduced aircraft that are completely designed using this technology. The Boeing 787s are connected with sensors which have made them safer. When a part of the plane has a problem, the sensors will communicate with the control panel and the technicians will be notified that there is an area that needs to be rectified.

Jason hope has been supporting technological advancements for a long time. He has pursued the Internet of Things for many years, and finally, he has proved critics wrong. Jason Hope holds an MBA from the Arizona State University. He is also involved in philanthropic activities which are aimed at supporting key research works in the world. Read more:


How Whitney Wolfe Application Has Changed Lives

Technology has brought all the good things we are enjoying in life in the modern times. Thanks to the advancements in this sector, it is possible to do so much in a very short time. Things like dating could only happen when you meet new people. With technology, it is easy to meet people online and start a relationship. Technology experts have started many applications so that they can make this a reality. People are living very busy lives so that they can afford the luxuries of life. There are people who to study and at the same time study so that they can get better opportunities in their careers. Meeting a soul mate under these conditions can be an uphill task.

Several years ago, Whitney Wolfe decided that she was going to introduce a dating application that was going to focus on the woman. More and more people have subscribed for this app because of its great features to the people. Before starting the app, the businesswoman had worked in the industry for a long time, and she knew what the modern woman wanted. Whitney Wolfe expertise has been helping her to meet all the expectations of the customers. People have found their perfect matches using this great application.

At the moment, Bumble has millions of clients who appreciate the services they get from the platform. The organization takes care of the women security and safety, and this is the primary reason it has been thriving under very tight competition. Bumble is also believed to be worth over one billion dollars because of its excellent leadership. Although most investments done online are left for men, Whitney Wolfe has shown the society that women can thrive too. The businesswoman has been competing and performing well compared to the men in the same department because of her passion. The businesswoman tied the knot with Michael Herd and left the singles club. Whitney Wolfe met her husband several years ago, and they have been together since then. The prestigious wedding was held in one of the best locations in the entire world, and it attracted the attention of people from all corners of the world.


Meet The CEO Of Everest Group: Vinod Gupta

The entrepreneurship journey is an exciting journey for those who are ready to face the challenges that it brings. It brings returns, and many success stories are shared. The journey is purely for risk takes and the individuals who do not hold back because of fear. It is about calculating your risks and knowing how to manage them when they come.


One of the most successful investors in the world is Vinod Gupta. Vinod is known for his ability to start small and still make a difference. For those procrastinating their dreams daily saying they got no capital, or they are waiting to accumulate more capital, this may be the perfect example for you.


What he did with the $100 is what he startles the world. He began a company that developed to the value of $680 million. Vinod Gupta emphasizes the need to begin from where you are with what you have.


Vinod Gupta began working for leaders in the industry that included Donnelly Marketing, Walter Karl and Database America. Vinod Gupta is currently serving as the COO of Everest Group LLC. The company provides the venture database for new business people as well as buy off the companies that are struggling with financial issues.


How you structure your day has a lot to do with how your business does. In fact, every prominent individual has been observed to have a daily schedule that they follow. Vinod Gupta says that he spends most of his time planning and working for the long-term strategies. He says that it is important to avoid being absorbed by the minor issues that may deviate you from getting to the big picture. The investor says that he has been able to focus on the future issues by allocating the present duties to his employees. See This Article to learn more.


Every business has its challenges. Vinod says that he admits that his journey has not lacked a few setbacks. He says that among the challenges they face is having companies overvalued and not being able to take the firm with its management.


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Dr. Eric Forsthoefel: A Highly Skilled ER Doctor

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is a doctor who has built a good reputation. If you want to find out more about him, what he specializes in and other info about him, then continue to read on.

Who Is Dr. Eric Forsthoefel

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is a doctor who works in Tallahassee. He is an ER doctor and he is able to treat a range of injuries and conditions in the ER. He is knowledgeable in a range of medical topics, which has helped him in his career.

Specialties, Certifications & Experience

The doctor has six years of experience under his belt. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel specializes in emergency medicine and his sub-specialty is general emergency medicine.

Up until 2014 he was licensed to practice in Florida. He also held an LA State Medical Licence up until 2013. He Furthermore, he is certified in emergency medicine. His certification is from the American Board of Emergency Medicine.

Hospital Affiliate & Office Location

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is affiliated with the Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Hospital, which is located in the state of Florida. The address of his office, which is also the address for the hospital, is 1300 Miccosukee Road in the city of Tallahassee.


Louisiana State University is where Dr. Eric Forsthoefel completed his residency. He graduated from the university in 2012. While there, he studied emergency medicine. Prior to that, he went to medical school at the University of Louisville School of Medicine. He graduated from medical school in 2009.


There are a number of reviews and ratings on the doctor. They are generally positive, with one patient describing their experience as being “great” and they mentioned they were in and out of the ER in just an hour and a half.

Those who wish to schedule an appointment with the doctor can contact him at the hospital he works at.

Louis Chevenert Crucial Executives Ideas

Louis Chevenert is the Chief Executive Officer and the former chairman of United Technologies Corporation. In January 2010, he became the chairman of the organization and served in that position until he retired in November 2014.

Until March 2006, Louis was holding the position of Chief Operating Officer and President of United Technologies Corporation. He was also serving as the Director of United Technologies.

Louis served for fourteen years at general motors’ before joining Pratt and Whitney in the year 1993. The idea of United Technologies Corporation began as Louis was the CEO of a multinational company. He drew many ideas from crucial executives of the firm. Throughout his career, Louis has been working with small groups of people that could understand the needs of customers. He ensured that the teams had a positive attitude towards delivering game-changing products.

Louis said that he was most excited about technology and the speed of change in their company. He argued that technology bore new opportunities.

Louis stated that it was difficult to point out a habit that increases his productivity saying that the practices were dependent on one another. He is productive because of being extraordinarily optimistic and passionate. He disregards internal politics and makes sure he invests his time pushing the agenda. He also ensures that the executives have everything they require to produce the best results.

Louise explained about his worst job was at general motors as a Fine Line supervisor on second shift in an assembly plant. The task was difficult, and through that, he learned about the power of people. He also learned on how people wanted to make a difference when the management listens to their opinions. The employees knew how to solve problems among them and to increase the productivity of the company.

If he were to start again, Louis would focus on internal politics and how they could deal with extraordinary results to and impact to the future of brilliant leaders.

According to Louis, as an entrepreneur, one thing to do over and over again is to get the right team together that can help to avoid obstacles. One should appreciate and inspire them and delight customer each time.

One strategy that helped Louis to grow his business is by clear thinking and focusing and combined with walking around. Also by thinking big and eliminating the roadblocks.

Tempus, the Cancer-Fighting Firm Created by Eric Lefkofsky, Receives $80 Million in Funds

Eric Lefkofsky’s company Tempus has received $80 million in funding, which should help the high-tech firm in its ongoing quest to help cancer patients. Organizations contributing to Tempus include New Enterprise Associates, T. Rowe Price Associates, Revolution Growth and Kinship Trust.

The latest funding will bring to more than $200 million the amount Tempus has received in outside investments since the firm was founded in 2015. Tempus today has a net value of more than $1 billion, which places it in what is known as “unicorn” status among new businesses. Based in Chicago, the company has a staff of about 400 and is adding some 30 employees every month.

Tempus has established a computer operating system that is used to analyze molecular data collected from patients suffering from different forms of cancer. This data is then used to identify trends and to ultimately develop treatment options that can help doctors deal with patients in a personalized manner. The process can be as simple as deciphering the handwritten notes from a doctor and making this information readily available in a general database. Tempus has worked with the many elements of the nation’s health care sector, including physicians and pharmaceutical companies. One project involved the analysis of 1,000 cancer patients receiving treatment from the famed Mayo Clinic.

Born 48 years ago in Detroit, Eric Lefkofsky began his enterpreneurial career soon after graduating from law school in 1993. His first venture, which was made possible with funds borrowed from relatives, involved the purchase of a clothing store in Madison, Wis. He has since helped establish a number of companies, including the e-commerce marketplace Groupon, the venture capital firm Lightbank and Innerworkings, a global marketing company.

Outside of his entrepreneurial work, Lefkoksky extends his services to the community in a number of ways. Among other activities, he serves on the board of directors for the Art Institute of Chicago and Children’s Memorial Hospital, also in Chicago. In 2006, he and his wife Elizabeth created the Lefkofsky Foundation, which provides financial assistance to various charitable, educational and scientific organizations throughout the world. He and his wife have three children and reside in the Chicago suburb of Glencoe.

Eli Gershkovitch: A Smart Entrepreneur and Distinguished Lawyer

Craft beers are gradually gaining popularity worldwide, especially among the young people. In the past, domestic beer used to be the most popular choice among the drinking adults. However, this is changing as most people are shifting their preference from mass-market domestic beers to craft beers. Big corporate beer companies such as Miller Brewing Company and Budweiser are facing tough competition from microbreweries such as Devil’s Backbone, Hardywood, and Steamworks. These micro-breweries are enjoying higher profits with the increasing appreciation of beer diversity and different brewing methods, which is attracting many customers including sophisticated consumers.


Eli Gershkovitch is the founder and CEO of Steamworks, a Canadian brewery company that is renowned for producing and distributing first-rate craft beer. Gershkovitch is a prominent entrepreneur and a successful lawyer. He holds a law degree from the University of Toronto was a practicing attorney in Vancouver (Steamworks). When working on his clients’ liquor licenses, Eli gained insights on the licensing rules and how he could make them work for him. The idea of starting a craft beer brewing company came to him in 1987 when he tasted Belgian beer for the first time while on tour in Europe after graduation. On a trip to Heidelberg, Germany, he visited a microbrewery, and this was a significant eye opener for him. Eli Gershkovitch is an innovative entrepreneur, and his business expertise has led him to build a prosperous business. The Gastown location that chose for the brewery had an old steam pipe that ran through the building. As a shrewd entrepreneur, Eli used the steam heat system a source of energy for his steam-powered brewing and also derived his business name from it. Under Eli’s leadership, Steamworks Brewery has grown massively and has gained popularity as a producer of high-quality craft beers.


Eli Gershkovitch experienced some legal hiccups while trying to establish his business because the board that reviewed liquor licenses applications had initially declined his request on the basis of the location of his establishment ( Fortunately, Eli’s remarkable legal skills and the residents’ support saw him win the board’s approval. In 1995, he launched Steamworks pub with a capacity of 184 seats, and as a smart investor, he knew that the company would gradually grow with the increase in demand. As the company expanded, Gershkovitch opened up additional restaurants in Vancouver. In 2013, Steamworks Brewery hit a huge milestone when it launched the current taproom and brewery in the neighboring city of Burnaby in British Columbia.


Under Eli Gershkovitch’s guidance, Steamworks craft beer continues to be a leading brand locally and internationally. His commitment, passion, creativity, and proficiency in both business and law are a great asset to his business empire.


Dr. Clay Siegall – CEO, Seattle Genetics

Clay Siegall is the CEO and Founder of the Seattle-based Seattle Genetics Company. For the company, they always delight in becoming the solution to the problems facing cancer patients in all parts of the world. Seattle Genetics has developed more than 40 therapies to assist in treating cancer at its early stages of development. Due to their animated capabilities, the company has been adopted by the medical society on a massive scale. Seattle Genetics is now a pioneer in research geared towards the assessment of cancer. This biotechnology company has worked to initiate better business management in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry.


In the recent past, most of the activated business ordeals have always protracted business management activities. Dr. Clay Siegall is a biotechnologist from the Maryland University in the United States. When he was still in college, his passion was geared towards the development of activated business management activities. Due to the company’s orthogonal management capabilities, no one is suited to achieve better business activities in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. He also holds a Ph.D. in Genetics as a discipline from the same university. He also studied at the Washington University of America.


Since he founded the Seattle Genetics Company in 1998, he has led the company to develop more than 40 therapies. In all his achievements in the medical industry, he attributes the success to all his capabilities. Clay Siegall has led the company to target business ordeals in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. Clay Siegall has also developed a robust pipeline of capital sources to achieve his research into finding the cure for cancer. Clay Siegall has also manufactured business capabilities in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry.


Clay Siegall has developed more than 20 drugs that have been adopted on a massive scale. Seattle Genetics has manufactured some special drugs that can prevent the occurrence of cancer as a killer disease. Under the leadership of Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics has grown in muscle and skeleton to become a high-end company in the American Medical Society.



Adam Goldenberg Is Creating Incredible Growth For His Companies

Adam Goldenberg is an accomplished businessman, as well as one of the first to successfully establish an online commerce website. Adam Goldenberg was the youngest COO in the country’s history at just twenty years old. He was an entrepreneur at just fifteen when he created his first successful business called Gamers Alliance. He sold it to Intermix Media in 1999 and later went on to become the CEO of Intermix Media. That is where he met his future business partner Don Ressler. Don Ressler had also sold his company to Intermix Media, where he secured and an executive position with the company as well.

After Intermix Media was sold, the two decided to form a business plan and launch a new online retail platform called Intelligent Beauty. The company successfully launched several beauty products. After their stint with Intelligent Beauty, they did some fine tuning to their original plan to create a fashion and accessory based platform that was actually a subscription service. The decided on the name JustFab.

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Adam Goldenberg’s company JustFab became a household name and set a standard for other companies to follow. From JustFab, other companies such as Fabletics began to spring to life. Fabletics has enjoyed incredible success in only a few short year. Kate Hudson is an American actress that has teamed up with the JustFab company to bring all-inclusive fashion to the public for an affordable price. Adam Goldenberg fully supports the all-inclusive philosophy, meaning that they believe that incredible fashions should be available to customers of all sizes rather than simply cater to a select amount of sizes and body types. According to, Fabletics is currently leading the athletic wear trend and offers a boutique of clothing that is hand selected for the client each month. When a customer signs up for the service they are asked questions about their style preferences. Based on the answers to those questions, the in-house style team selects a variety of clothing each month. The subscription cost covers one item of clothing from the boutique. If the customer wishes to skip the month, they can log in and select to skip without being charged.

Adam Goldenberg recently changed the name of JustFab to Techstyle, which is now the parent company of the companies that branched off of JustFab. They recently had a $1 billion dollar valuation, which reflects incredible growth for the company. Techstyle is one of the fastest growing companies in the retail fashion industry right now. Adam Goldenberg is showing incredible business skill and knowledge which is reflected through the success of his companies.

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Brian Bonar Maintains an Impressive Career

Brian Bonar is an extremely busy person. He holds high level management positions at several companies. Bonar holds various executive positions at Trucept, Inc. and is President and CEO of Smart-tek Automated Services, Inc. Other companies he maintains managerial positions include Dalrada Financial Corporation, Allegiant Professional Business Services, and the Amanda Co.

Bonar’s past work experience is just as impressive. In addition, in his spare time, he procured a restaurant in San Diego county, gave the establishment a makeover, and turned it into a successful dining venue. Brian Bonar definitely has been very active in developing his skills. He holds a doctorate degree from a prestigious educational institution in Staffordshire, England in Staffordshire University.

Professional experience also contributed to Bonar developing amazing skills. Bonar once worked for IBM. Surely, a tenure with the corporate computer giant assisted his ability to understand effective management principles. IBM is only one company Bonar was affiliated with during the early stages of his career. A complete biography of his background reveals an impressive and tremendous work history.

In his current role running Trucept, Bonar allows his company to help other companies. In essence, this is the purpose behind the mission of Trucept, a company that assists the human resources departments of various businesses with a host of duties.

Managing a company is one thing. Being able to manage a company with a high level of competence and skills is a whole different matter. Bonar has a lengthy career that proves his abilities to manage companies properly. A prestigious industry award was once bestowed to him for his work at Dalrada. Being given an award by a third-party entity means a lot. It shows others are taking notice of a manager’s solid skills.

Brian Bonar absolutely is a very skilled and accomplished professional. He is sure to continue his lengthy successful career streak over the coming years.