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Lovaganza And “The Marvelous 12” Will Inspire Audiences In 2020

Lovaganza is an entertainment brand that focuses on discussing various cultures around the world and uniting them with exciting music, dance, and movie entertainment. Inspiration is the goal behind each Lovaganza presentation, as people learn about the various important cultures of our world and how we are all unique and part of the same world.

Faith, hope, and inspiration will be a heavy focus of the 2020 tour, as people learn more about the various events that have moved us through history. Lovaganza’s biggest focus in 2020 will be showing the 3D animated series known as “The Marvelous 12,” an inspiring and wonderful animated series.

What Is The Marvelous 12?
This simple and engaging series will be made up of 10 episodes of 15-minutes each, but will tell an extended story in the manner of the matinee serials of the 1930s. During the Lovaganza tour in 2020, a new episode will be showed every month.

As they travel around the nation in their Lovaganza Caravans, viewers will be told an inspiring story in this serial format that promises to be an exciting one that should draw a lot of potential viewers to the Lovaganza tour.

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What Is The Story?
The story focuses on a young man named Father Sgeaby during the late period of The Great Depression. Father Sgeaby will travel across the country on a motorcycle, meeting new people and helping them to find their mission in life.

He will discuss ways that people can “follow their sunshine” and will teach people in Godsland about the powers of giving their life to the “Invisible Hand” that controls the world. During the series (which Lovaganza is creating and recording the soundtrack for right now), each episode will focus on a new person Father Sgeaby meets during his journey.

He will be traveling during a two-year period and he will discover 12 people who are each suffering from a dangerous situation. Each episode of Lovaganza ends on a cliffhanger with the next episode revealing how they got out of that situation.

For those who have never watched a serial from the 30s, this is a very typical structure and it is one that will likely drag in a lot of viewers interested in learning life lessons and seeing how they can be implemented in a real-world environment.

Each episode will be showed on the Immerscope technology, an incredible Lovaganza exclusive that will immerse viewers in the environment of each episode in a unique way. Make sure to mark 2020 as the year of Lovaganza and “The Marvelous 12” so that you don’t miss this unique event.

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