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Kynect a New Kind of Energy Company That Helps Thousands of People Make Extra Money

Founded in 2005 and recently rebranded as Kynect, this leading-edge network marketing company is among the first to leverage a multilevel model to sell gas and electric energy services to customers. It also offers wireless phone services.

Kynect’s core offerings are Dallas-based Stream Energy and Wireless Service, but it has also recently entered the protective services realm. That includes roadside assistance, tech support and identity protection.

Company founder Rob Snyder likes to say that Kynect is more than a profit-generating business. He describes is as nothing less than a “cultural movement” that will bring people and communities closer together. It also provides opportunities for people to make extra income from the comfort of their homes.

Synder said Kynect was built on the concept of forming meaningful relationships and trusted partnerships. They work together to provide energy services for hundreds of thousands of business owners and private individuals. Thanks to deregulated energy markets in many states, energy buyers now have more options and greater independence of choice in choosing an energy plan that fits their lifestyle and budget. Refer to This Article to learn more.

Selling energy via network marketing through entrepreneurial-minded, self-employed associates is a concept whose time has come. In the past, energy companies were monolithic and monopolistic in their regions of operation. When customers paid their bills, all the money went to a single entity – the local power company.

But under the Kynect model, Ron Synder said, it’s thousands of individual associates who make money when customers pay their bills. Now a friend or family member can help another friend or family member by buying energy from them. Customers can feel good about that fact that they are helping other people every time they pay their gas or electric bill. Go Here for related Information.

Kynect associates make even more money when the people they sign up also become associates and sign up more customers.

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