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Dick Devos and the FAA

Have you seen the news from Devos’ camp in Washington? The US Education Secretary isn’t the only one that’s been doing some work on Capitol Hill. Her husband has also joined in the fight as he begins his political career from the FAA. The Federal Aviation Administration appointed Dick Devos in September 2017 to the Management Advisory Council. This council is comprised of 13 members, who come from business, transportation, and airline industry backgrounds. Devos is one of the few who have a blended experience that doesn’t really fit into any typical box of tricks.


Devos is a highly intelligent businessman who has been working in airline industry for the past several years. However, you may not have noticed since he is quite busy, and he was also the President and CEO of Amway at one point. Devos maintains his own investment firm The Windquest Group as well as co-founding an aviation school.


The school is on the grounds of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport, which has been one of Devos’ projects for the past decade. In fact, his work has just led to a $45 million renovation campaign for the Grand Rapids airport. Much of this has to do with the work that Devos has put into expanding the airport since the 1990s.


It was at this time that Devos had just finished his work with Amway, and he wanted a new project. He started to look at ways that he could help out his hometown. While part of that was building up downtown and supporting the Grand Action committee, he also saw opportunities to expand upon the airport and even build a new brand around business travel.


Devos got to work by talking to his friend, the CEO of Air Tran Airway. At the time, Air Tran had just a few terminals at the Grand Rapids location, but Devos convinced the CEO that if he opened new terminals there would be additional success. The plan worked, and four new terminals were opened bringing in new business and flights to Orlando, St. Louis, Denver, and Vegas.


The new flights were just the beginning. Over the past decade, the airport has grown exponentially, and it’s probably one of the biggest reasons why Devos was invited to the council.


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Louis Chevenert Crucial Executives Ideas

Louis Chevenert is the Chief Executive Officer and the former chairman of United Technologies Corporation. In January 2010, he became the chairman of the organization and served in that position until he retired in November 2014.

Until March 2006, Louis was holding the position of Chief Operating Officer and President of United Technologies Corporation. He was also serving as the Director of United Technologies.

Louis served for fourteen years at general motors’ before joining Pratt and Whitney in the year 1993. The idea of United Technologies Corporation began as Louis was the CEO of a multinational company. He drew many ideas from crucial executives of the firm. Throughout his career, Louis has been working with small groups of people that could understand the needs of customers. He ensured that the teams had a positive attitude towards delivering game-changing products.

Louis said that he was most excited about technology and the speed of change in their company. He argued that technology bore new opportunities.

Louis stated that it was difficult to point out a habit that increases his productivity saying that the practices were dependent on one another. He is productive because of being extraordinarily optimistic and passionate. He disregards internal politics and makes sure he invests his time pushing the agenda. He also ensures that the executives have everything they require to produce the best results.

Louise explained about his worst job was at general motors as a Fine Line supervisor on second shift in an assembly plant. The task was difficult, and through that, he learned about the power of people. He also learned on how people wanted to make a difference when the management listens to their opinions. The employees knew how to solve problems among them and to increase the productivity of the company.

If he were to start again, Louis would focus on internal politics and how they could deal with extraordinary results to and impact to the future of brilliant leaders.

According to Louis, as an entrepreneur, one thing to do over and over again is to get the right team together that can help to avoid obstacles. One should appreciate and inspire them and delight customer each time.

One strategy that helped Louis to grow his business is by clear thinking and focusing and combined with walking around. Also by thinking big and eliminating the roadblocks.

An Inside Look at The RealReal

The CEO of The RealReal, Julie Wainwright, has said that the company’s last round of financing would be the last private financing for the company. She is now seeking $100M from private investors.

Perhaps the company hasn’t grown to the size that would constitute going ahead with an IPO. Perhaps the company would have a better market share if they invest in more growth first. Who knows? Wainwright has declined to respond to any requests for comments at this time regarding the financing.

The RealReal is a consignment company that focuses on luxury clothing for women, men, as well as jewelry, art, and home decor. For this reason, instead of seeing The RealReal as competition, luxury designers now collaborate with them.

The RealReal has a store in New York and is working to open other locations in the US. Wainwright says she wants people to be able to comparison shop, so the physical stores are needed. Physical stores give customers a more upscale feel and allow them to have their items valued in a non-pawn shop environment. The RealReal’s use of gemologists, watch experts, art curators, or brand authenticators in their valuation offices makes sure they are buying the most upscale items for their customers to choose from.

Approximately 80 percent of The Real Real’s shoppers are women, purchasing watches and leather goods for themselves. For every four buyers, they have one consigner, says Wainwright.

If you are curious about the resale value of your items, you can head over to The RealReal’s Instagram stories to learn more from their pricing expert, You can also see some of their upscale items.

It will be interesting to see what Wainwright does in the future regarding fundraising, since the company is currently pitching private investors, and there has also been a discussion of an IPO. Only time will tell.

Adam Milstein: Protecting the Rights of the State of Israel

There is a growing anti-Semitic sentiment around the world today, and in the United States alone, the percentage of attacks against the Jewish people is at a record high. According to Adam Milstein, Israelis living around the world must consider this as a threat, and they would have to fight for their country once their enemies have decided that the State of Israel must be erased from the map. He has been working with other pro-Israel groups and to tackle these issues and point out a possible solution to how it can be stopped. The Jewish people had experienced a massive blow during the Second World War when millions of them were mercilessly killed all throughout Europe. Adam Milstein stated that he no longer wants to see a future world being engulfed in hatred and wars. He has been appealing with those who wanted to help the State of Israel, and Adam Milstein did not get disappointed with the huge amount of messages and posts that he received after he announced his worries about the hatred against the Jews.

To counter the fear against a rising superpower that could someday attack them, Adam Milstein has to ally with other groups. Together, they formed one of the largest Israeli-American gatherings in the world, and he would speak with other members of the society, trying to look for others who are supportive of what the current president of the United States, Donald Trump, wanted to do for his country. When he is not writing his articles, Adam Milstein would always get hold of his portfolio and look at his stocks and other investments. He believes that one should also save while they are receiving money. Spending in on something they do not need would only cause the money to stay inside the house.

Adam Milstein has been known all through the Jewish World as one of the most successful businessmen and entrepreneur in his chosen field. Sometimes, people would always look up into him and will be amazed at how great his accomplishments are presented. He wished for a more stable world economy, and through his dream, he managed to become a part of the solution and not a part of the problem.

George Soros Donates $18 Billion

George Soros recently made a single surprise donation worth $18 billion making it the single largest donation ever to be made by a private citizen for charity. The donation which was announced last week makes the Open Society Foundation the second largest charity organization in the United States besides Melinda & Gates Foundation. It also brings all his donations to the society to a whopping $32 billion. Soros was used to donating approximately $8 million annually, but he surprised many this year when the announcement came that he had donated $18 billion.

George Soros is a Hungarian American entrepreneur cum philanthropist who has been working closely with non-governmental organizations to promote democracy and equality in the United States and around the world. Soros is also one of the richest individuals in the United States, and his wealth is estimated at $23 billion. George Soros began his Charity work way back in 1989 when he started sponsoring black students from South Africa. Besides that, he has also offered thousands of scholarships to Hungarian students to study in the West.

George Soros is also the founder and main financier of the Central European University in Budapest. He established the institution to promote critical thinking in social sciences. The University is composed of students from across the world. They are fully or partially financed by the institution. Soros has always had the desire to ensure that no student who wants to pursue their further education denied that chance. Other than his passion for education, Soros is also a champion for democracy and has demonstrated that by sponsoring several U.S presidential candidates in the Democratic party including the most recent, Hillary Clinton.

His support for the Democratic Party has earned him critics from the Republicans who have accused him of several issues including seeking favors from the government. Open Society which was founded in 1979 has since donated over $14 billion to charity and civil rights organizations across the world. The society has received its fair share of the back clash in some countries who accuse Soros of working with non-governmental organizations to overthrow sitting governments. However, that has never been the case. Soros main objective is to see that all human beings around the world are treated equally.

In the recent years, Open Society Foundation has been working close home mainly sponsoring gay and lesbian groups which seem to be discriminated by the federal government regarding funding. According to the Forbes Magazine, The Open Society Foundation is one of largest financiers of most of the gay and lesbian activities in United States. Officials say that Soros, 87 intends to leave a vast majority of his wealth to the charity organizations.

In general, George Soros has spent almost all his life helping people. His foundation operates in more than 100 countries. His main objective is to promote human rights, combat authoritarianism as well as offer support to marginalized communities and groups such as refugees and the LGBT community. Open Society Foundation Spokesperson, Laura Silber said that Soros had changed the lives of millions of people around the world.

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Josh Smith Provides Modular Greenhouses to a School

Josh Smith is the current chief executive officer of Modular Greenhouses(, a technological company based in the city of Reno, Nevada. He is designing innovative greenhouses, which aims to maximize the use of natural elements like water and sunlight to aid in the growth of plants. Josh Smith never imagined that his company will grow exponentially, and in order to give back to the community and to those who believed in him, he donates some of his products to lucky beneficiaries, and one of them is the High Desert Montessori School, located on the outskirts of Reno.

The primary objective of Josh Smith why he donated some of his products to a school is because he wanted the children to learn how to grow their own food. He noticed that the children in Reno are dependent on fast food and other unhealthy snack, which makes them obese and unhealthy. With the modular greenhouses that he donated, Smith is hoping that the children will develop an interest in gardening and planting, and he is hoping that the kids would soon grow their own food. He wanted to see them live healthy lives, eating home grown and organic fruits and vegetables.

Aside from the greenhouses that the company provided, they also gave the school a small amount of donation to buy gardening tools and necessities. The school administration thanked Josh Smith for his generosity, and they promised that the children will be learning how to plant and grow their food through the efforts of the teachers and the administration themselves. Meanwhile, Josh Smith stated that he is happy with the initiative of the school to teach the children how to plant their food, but he admitted that this is only the beginning of something else.

Josh Smith is creating a huge number of greenhouses to be given to different schools in Reno and other nearby areas. He dreams of seeing all of the schools in Nevada to have at least one greenhouse, with the children attending the school being taught how to use them, and how they will be maintained so that they would no longer rely on unhealthy food being given to them by the society.

Impressionable facts about Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is the founder of Bumble Bff, a dating app that has changed the lives of many individuals in the country. The renowned businesswoman has successfully revolutionized the way in which many people, particularly women, carry out their dating activities. Her dating app has attracted over twenty million users in the country and impressed many individuals have applauded her for her great inventions. Besides, Whitney Wolfe has received a lot of accreditation from many people due to her ability to change the norms in dating sectors through the great connections she has brought to people as well as the excellent understanding she has given to them concerning the relationships.

While her app was meant to help people find their loved ones, the renowned entrepreneur successfully tied the knot with her husband, Michael Herd, in a lavish wedding in Positano. Her extravagant wedding was a great impression to many individuals and she widely shared the wedding photos on her Instagram page. The De La Renta wedding gown that Whitney Wolfe wore looked lavish and was a center of attraction for many individuals that attended the ceremony. The stunning wedding that took place close to the fantastic Alfama coast and the guests were impressed with the great view of the hundreds of red roses available in the marriage.

Whitney Wolfe`s Bumble app has grown tremendously since its establishment and is perceived to be the second largest growing companies in the country. As the app becomes, Whitney looks forward to transforming a significant number of its features in the coming years and hopes that the app will be the final destination for women, especially those that are weary of the traditional ways of dating. The Bumble app is unique and different from other dating apps due to the significant mandate that it gives to women. Women can now freely express their feelings through the app and probably make the first move when it comes to approaching men that they like.

Whitney insists that the Bumble app does target towards creating short-term relationships but instead bring a connection between people that would probably lead to long-term bonds. Besides, the-the founder of the app insists that the app highly seeks to address the needs of its customers, particularly women, and seeks to form satisfying female relationships. Besides Whitney also puts her best towards motivating women and showing them the positive side of life to help them successfully cope with the various difficulties that they face.

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Betsy Devos – Positioned to Achieve Major Things in Life

Betsy DeVos is a lobbyist, government official, and business person. She is additionally a humanitarian who presently fills in as the country’s eleventh US Secretary of Education. For more than 30 years, Betsy DeVos has been effectively engaged with raising money for Michigan Republicans. Besides, she is at the cutting edge for giving training change and pushing school vouchers for the country’s educational system. That incorporates campaigning for school voucher programs and charter schools and presently operates as part of the Foundation for Excellence in Education board. DeVos sprang from a background of the rich family and wedded into one of the wealth families in America. Her dad was a business person who worked in the auto field with his younger brother being a former NAVY SEAL & ex-CIA operative.

Today, DeVos operates a government services firm referred as Blackwater USA. On the other hand, her husband’s dad established Amway, and from 1991, the family is the proprietor of the NBA Orlando Magic. The family additionally possesses a minority stake position with the Chicago Cubs. Personally, DeVos is well known for her work and movement through education circles. He has great objectives in education sector whereby her main goal is to assist bring down the attitude that puts learners in schools on the basis of where their family lives or on the ZIP code. In this way, DeVos considers her task as the educational freedom advocate. She has also got a key role in heading American Federation for Children.That fills in as non-benefit Alliance arm for School Choice. DeVos is additionally the chair-lady of the Windquest Group. It is a venture firm that she began with her husband.

As seen, Betsy DeVos was brought in a family people who get things done. She understands how education is often essential and critical for to carrying out ideas from origination to reality. She achieves profound into her adoration for training and dreams of the world where understudies approach a significant and successful education. DeVos relates how success goes hand-in-hand with its rewards. Together with her husband, they possess numerous habitations in their home province of Michigan which incorporates a 22,000 square foot house on the lake. DeVos puts her life to have an enduring effect on education as she all the essential support systems and right tools.For the majority of Americans, DeVos is not an outsider as he has ventured in different sectors with enormous achievement a factor that has made her popular. She graduated from the Northwood University in 1974 as lower unit representative of Amway ascending to VP of the organization in 1984. Afterward, in 1991, he progressed toward becoming the leader of a basketball franchise which is situated in Orlando before going back to Amway as the organization’s president in 1993.

Jim Tananbaum Funds a Ground-breaking Technology for Mental Healthcare

Jim Tananbaum is a major investor in healthcare, and his recent venture is in mental illness treatment. A top ranking entrepreneur on Forbes’ Midas List, Jim is in partnership with Mindstrong Health to develop a technology for the cure of mental disorders.

Mindstrong Health is a tech start-up that is developing an AI platform that will diagnose neuropsychiatric disorders in patients. Mindstrong’s approach is simple, their technology will tap into the pattern interactions we have with our phones on a daily basis. In a report by, this AI platform uses the parameters of speed, memory, attention and cognitive function to gauge the neuropsychiatric well-being of a patient.

According to, before this breakthrough, the medical fraternity was plagued with the challenge of providing adequate care for mental patients. Unlike other diseases that are properly diagnosed through careful analyses of collected data, the treatment of psychiatric disorders takes a more subjective approach. This approach in itself was flawed given the open loopholes for misdiagnosis. Mindstrong Health, through their technology, aims to provide a modernized way of collecting tangible data for proper diagnosis of mental patients.

Jim Tananbaum is one of the investors who immediately bought this idea. Given his long history of investing in the healthcare system, he saw the importance of Mindstrong’s vision towards an improved healthcare system for neuropsychiatric patients. Mr. Jim Tananbaum was the moderator of the recent fundraises held to raise capital to fund Mindstrong’s new project. Jim Tananbaum was joined by other investors that included ARCH Venture Partners, Berggruen Holdings, Optum Ventures, and One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund.

Mindstrong Health is confident that they will roll out the first stage of clinical tests as they aim to refine their new technology before making it public. The medical fraternity, on the other hand, is hopeful that they will now have a more concrete approach to properly diagnose and cure mental disorders.

About Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum is an avid investor in healthcare systems, reveals Peloton Therapeutics. Through his company, Foresite Capital, he manages an array of assets that are well worth over $1.1 billion. After graduating from Harvard School of Business, Jim found his first pharmaceutical company, GelTex. GelTex successfully launched two FDA approved drugs into the medical market generating $1 billion in profits.

Mr. Tananbaum is also a partner in several investments suits which included Sierra Ventures and Prospect Venture Partner. Today Jim Tananbaum is ranked as one of the top 100 investors in Forbes Midas List. Learn more about Jim, visit his page.

Who is Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a very successful business man who has raised millions of dollars in business ventures. His long list of accomplishments includes things such as entrepreneur, technologist, published author, public speaker, and much more. Digital Evolution, US Interactive, Media Platform, and Akana are just some of the business ventures Eric Pulier has been successful in over the course of his career. Not only is Eric Pulier hugely successful he has also partnered with many charitable organizations. Mr. Pulier also believes in investing in startup companies in media and technology. Being successful has not taken away from Mr. Pulier’s personal life though. He is an active father to four children and currently lives in the Los Angeles area. He states that it can be hard to get a full night’s rest with each of his children, but it is something that he finds necessary to be successful. A new venture that Eric Pulier has started is called vAtomic Systems. The whole point of vAtomic Systems is to bring digital goods out of games. This would include digital good trading, and proven game mechanics. With this new venture Eric Pulier hopes to revolutionize the way gaming technology is used. Mr. Pulier believes the only way to be successful is to bring ideas to life. He states that you never know what an idea will lead to, and that is why it is so important to try each and every one. Eric Pulier is a successful business and family man who will continue to offer more to the business community.