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Milan Kordestani spent the majority of childhood in the state of California where he completed his high school education. He was born in the same locality before the separation of his parents that led to his relocation to the city of London in the year 2009. He attended Eaton square school in London but completed schooling at the Sacred Heart Preparatory.

Milan’s passion and successful career in horse riding started in his pre-teen ages at the age of ten. During an interview, Mr. Omid Kordestani testified that Milan showed resilience, sheer will, and determination when at one moment he was thrown off a horse but he stood up and rode the horse again. According to Mr. Omid, this was the separating moment for Milan from all the other kids who often after such an occurrence would shy off horse riding. With time, Milan showed the courage to work with world class horses and ambition to give a name for himself in the sport.

Milan started horse riding training in the same town he had completed his high school education. He was a quick learner at the sport and was able to resonate this through competing and winning several tournaments. Milan took the top position at the triple crown leg once and third at the third leg of the competition within the same year. Furthermore, he had also participated in the Worlds championship tournament where he led in the year 2016 and a year before was fourth place.

Milan has also proved to be innovative and business oriented through the formation of Milan farms while still in high school. The company generally focuses on poultry farming. It additionally produces saffrons and eggs. The company makes this possible by interlinking various farms across the united states for its production. Mr. Milan had an excellent opportunity by being the first farmer to implement the idea of microfiber growth of saffrons.

Performing his duty as the executive of his company, Mr. Milan has ensured that his company gives its consumers products that are highly organic. Creation of trust in dealing with natural products has created a brand for the company that has led to its expansion.

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