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A Day In The Life Of An Academy of Art University Student In Downtown San Francisco.

Sam Bear is a student at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. The following article describes a day in the life of Sam as he goes through one of his days attending the School of Motion Pictures and Television.

Sam’s day starts at 9 am, and he is currently living in the Commodore Dormitory, which was built in 1928 as a seaman hotel. There are 15 residential facilities for the Academy of Art University and the Commodore is reserved for freshmen, which is located in downtown San Francisco. Sam said that he chose this particular school because he knew they provided a solid base for film making.

There is a shuttle stop near the University where Sam is able to ride free to all campus locations just by showing his student badge. Students who live downtown experience the vibrancy and culture of the city though the cities street art, beautiful old and new buildings, the many different city residents and gorgeous weather.

Sam attends two classes related to television and motion pictures. His first class begins at 11 am, which is Production Design focuses on a variety of aspects that relate to production such as props, sets, and costume design. This class provides Same and the other students to be challenged and encouraged by peers and professors. At 3 pm, Sam is in his Directing Actors Class, which is a collaborative class that allows students to work and improve together.

The Academy of Art University has many libraries, lounges, studios and classroom with the state of the art facilities. Sam also has plenty of time to spend time with friends and fellow students in one of the many Campus Cafes that offer a variety of food choices. The Campus Cafes are a great gathering place to mix and mingle with other students to share ideas, dreams and work. Sam ends his day relaxing with friends in his dorm and he is glad he prepared for and is attending AAU.

Academy of Art University was founded in 1929 and offers many different Bachelor Degrees, and students are offered both online and on-campus learning.

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How Nicolas Krafft Affects L’Oréal’s Presence Around the World

Nicolas Krafft was born in Switzerland and received a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) in accounting and finance from St. Gallen University. Nicolas Krafft began his career at L’Oréal shortly after graduation and his talent had him quickly moving through the ranks including holding the position of Marketing Director of Kerastase.

Nicolas Krafft has been an executive of sales and marketing for L’Oréal for more than 10 years, and he has successfully expanded the growth of the market, defined marketing strategies, research new brands, and is also known to drive sales consistently upwards.

During an interview, Nicolas Krafft was asked for business advice that he was willing to share. He said that “trust” is a vital and non-negotiable trait needed to be successful in business and in life. Also, confidence in your talented team is crucial as this helps everyone be effective in their assigned task and to collaborate and inspire each other to find creative solutions for anything put in front of us.

Fashion Week is an amazing time for designers, models, hair stylist, make-up artists, and everybody interested in the fashion world. L’Oréal Paris staged the last event on a 60-meter floating runway that was specially designed for this event. Diversity and creativity were spotlighted at this free event. Some amazing celebrity models to grace the runway included Eva Longoria, Louise Bougorin, and Elle Fanning. Other familiar faces spotted among the supporters including, but not limited to, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau also known as “Jaime Lannister” from the popular show “the Game of Throne” and the new L’Oréal Paris ambassador, Marie Bochet, who made her debut on this extraordinary floating runway (which took more than a week to assemble and disassemble).

Giant screens were set up so tourist and anyone else passing by was able to enjoy this spectacular event from the banks of the Seine. Drones were used to film the entire event and it was broadcasted in more than 30 countries around the world.

Doe Deere Fearlessly Pursued Her Dreams No Matter The Obstacle

Life for an immigrant can be a very challenging experience moving to another country. People have to adjust to a whole new culture, new environment, people, and so much more. Doe Deere, along with her mother and sister, are immigrants from Russia. They moved to the United States to start a new life.

Doe had always fantasized of coming to America, land of where dreams came true. Deere’s birth name, Xenia Vorotova, was a imaginative young girl who had aspirations of pursing a career as a fashion designer. The family thought their trek to New York City would open up many opportunities, but it very quickly became disenchanting. Doe’s mother, could not get work in her respected profession as an accountant. Instead, she worked as a house cleaner in people’s apartments. Doe even picked up some work as a dog walker to make extra money for bills. This would not be enough and the family was forced to move into a homeless shelter.

For 6 hard months, the family was living on barely nothing, but an organization for immigrants stepped into help. Sanctuary for Families, a non-profit organization, provided Doe Deere’s families with some much needed opportunities. Her mother, was able to get an accounting job, and both daughters got into prominent universities. Doe was able to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Both girls excelled in school and were able to lay the foundation of success for their bright futures. Doe started her journey as a entrepreneur and started her own DIY fashion line in 2004. Four years later, Deere founded Lime Crime, her vibrant cosmetic line in Los Angeles, California. It became a huge hit and had almost 40 employees. As CEO, Doe was inspiring women all over the world to rock their individuality and self expression with her makeup brand. She wants to encourage everyone to pursue their dreams. The now successful entrepreneur had a challenging experience moving to the United States, but did not give up on pursing her dreams. Deere is an inspiration to many and continues to chase her dreams, no matter what challenges come her way.

Growing Fabletics Brand Expands to Multiple Stores

Kate Hudson has a lot of things to be thankful for. Her mother, Goldie Hawn, is a well-known actress that is still doing movies today. Kate is thankful for the bond with her mother and very thankful that she is still alive.


Kate can also be thankful for the fan base that she has and all the support that she has received in her own movie career. Kate has done many movies, and she has become well known as the romantic comedy actress for a multitude of films. The thing that Kate Hudson may be the happiest about at this point, however, is the Fabletics brand and her role in developing this company.


Kate Hudson has become very passionate about Fabletics, and there is no doubt that this will become one of the most successful brands of athletic clothing around. This company caters to a female crowd of consumers, and few people can overlook the amazing talent that take Hudson has for marketing this brand.


Hudson has not had any problem taking to social media to advertise new garments from the Fabletics brand. This type of marketing has sparked the chain reaction where other fans of Fabletics gear will go out and create workout routines in their favorite garments. Some of these workout routines are posted on Facebook or Twitter. This gives consumers an unbiased look at other customers of Fabletics. They get a chance to see people that are patronizing the brand that are not being paid to do so. This provides a strong amount of interest in Fabletics because social media tends to go viral. Someone that is posting a video about their favorite Fabletics line of clothes to friends one moment will possibly have thousands of additional views the next moment. It is this type of exposure that keeps Fabletics on a powerful growth track.


Fabletics has definitely become the brand of athletic clothing for women that is changing lives. People are finding that it is easier to join a gym and work out on a regular basis when they have something stylish and comfortable to workout in. This company has transitioned from a website with a million users to a brand that will have more than 100 stores in the next five years.


This is a very lofty goal for a Kate Hudson, but it is evident that she will be able to gain a lot of other customers when more people find out about this company. A large majority of people are going to appreciate the opportunities that come with shopping online. There is another fanbase, however, that wants to shop with Fabletics without going online. There are people that are not going to buy anything unless they can try it on. These are the customers that Kate Hudson is aiming for now. She knows that her online users are loyal, but she also realizes that there is a great need for expansion. The physical stores will provide access to a much wider customer base.

Fabletics is taking the Athletic Clothing Industry by “Storm” with their Innovative Leisure Line

It was a concept of having comfortable yet stylish athletic wear that drove the formation of Fabletics in 2013. Before Fabletics took the athletic clothing industry by storm, women especially had to satisfy themselves with drab and shapeless clothing that were more suited to men than women. The founders, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg from the TechStyle Fashion Group realized that women were clamoring for athletic wear that was both comfortable and stylish.


The key concept would be making the athletic wear also be something that would be affordable. The athletic wear that was currently on the market was too expensive and just didn’t fit with some of the women. They wanted something more. Gaining the women’s trust in the product would be the first hurtle. Kate Hudson was the perfect spokesperson. She had a huge following and an enthusiasm that showed for these new products. Her enthusiasm and willingness to pitch in was the catalyst for the growth of Fabletics.


Kate decided early on to actively wear the products herself. This fact created quite a storm because celebrities don’t normally wear or promote the products they are selling. She did suffer some negative press but by standing by the product she gained the trust of customers. This in turn created a customer base that is loyal to Fabletics. It was important that quality issues were addressed head on and that customer service was responsive to customers’ needs early on. Kate worked with Fabletics by providing them with valuable information on how the clothes fit and their wear and tear.


Fabletics staff has learned a lot from Kate. The many positive reviews have helped them create more athletic leisure wear lines. The positive feedback has also allowed the founders to explore new ways to promote the products and reach out to their customers in a timely fashion.


Fabletics hasn’t rested on their laurels. They have utilized the user reviews that they received from many satisfied customers to create new and innovative athletic leisure wear. Demi Lovato, a well known pop superstar is part of the first collaboration with Fabletics’ newest line of athletic leisure wear. Lovato decided to collaborate with Fabletics because she loves that they stand for empowering women.


It was this concept of empowering women that also drove Internet sales. Many user reviews of the products often cited that wearing the products made them feel more feminine yet powerful. This concept that women felt empowered by the colorful and form fitting clothing took off. This created opportunities to explore how to improve the products even more. It is interesting to note that other companies have taken note of Fabletics’ success. This has created some competition in the industry.


Fabletics has cornered the market with their innovative athletic leisure line with their over one million paying members. Kate has a lot to do with this explosive growth. She would tell you though that it was a team effort with all the members and staff of Fabletics playing key roles.

Richard Mishaan Design Options

The luxury home market is starting to heat up again. With the strong housing market, many people are willing to invest in their home in order to improve the value of it. Richard Mishaan design options are some of the best in the world. He has a track record of taking the look of a home to a new level. With all of the changes that are taking place, now is a great time to work with him on a plan for the future.

Richard Mishaan is always willing to help people who need design help. There are some people who have a home that has the potential to be beautiful with the right time and money invested in it. Here are some of the areas where he likes to concentrate his work.


For many people, the kitchen is the most important part of the home. There are a lot of people who are ready to upgrade their kitchen as much as possible. Some people wrongly assume that upgrading a kitchen is going to cost thousands of dollars. However, a nice kitchen does not have to break the bank.

Richard Mishaan can come in and offer design solutions for people who need them. Now is a great time to work with him on a plan for this area.


Another area that is common to upgrade is the bathrooms in a home. There are many people who feel like their bathroom is old and not in style. Richard Mishaan has a lot of ideas for people who need help in this area.

With all of the changes that he can make, your bathroom can become beautiful and stylish in a matter of days. This is one of the biggest reasons that people love working with Richard Mishaan and his team.

Lime Crime’s “Scandal” & It’s 21st Century Revolution

Cosmetics come and cosmetics go. This industry is literally flooded with thousands of products, services, and brands. Finding the right one that meets your needs can be frustration, but if you’re the kind of person who likes a bit of drama in your life, Lime Crime has a lipstick designed for the task at hand. This eclectic brand has been around since 2008 and has literally reshaped the cosmetics industry. It’s latest project is known as “Scandal” and it has the internet on fire. This liquid matte finish lipstick has the deepest, most intense purple hue on the market today. It’s finish is sleek and sexy as well. In current time, there isn’t another product on the market that is this extraordinary, whether it’s from Maybelline, Cover Girl, or who ever.


This luxurious formula is right on the money and it’s in-season. Purple has made a huge comeback as of late and it has created a buzz for the season. If like having a peaceful lifestyle, please don’t purchase this lipstick, but if you demand attention, you won’t be disappointed. Wearing anything from Lime Crime is like having a badge of honor and Scandal fits in perfectly by enhancing that “punk rocker” look. Expression is the name of the game for sure and no other high profile brand is bringing the heat quite like this. Founder Doe Deere has hit yet another homerun with this amazing, dazzling, and vivid product.


As with all of this exclusive brand’s products, Scandal carries the same benefits. It will literally last a long time without fading. It’s touch/kiss-proof as well. Scandal even lack those dangerous chemical additives also. To enhance it’s appearance and make the color scream even louder, try pairing it with a black liner. This creates even more depth for big bold impression. The choice is up to you so if you want the standard appearance, continue using what you’ve always used, but if you want to truly make a statement, Scandal is the weapon of choice.

Scandal-ous Lime Crime Lip Color

The bold woman or teen may enjoy a beautiful lip color to go along with her strong nature. The new Scandal Velvetines from Lime Crime is the perfect lip color to match a bold personality. Scandal is a deep plum matte lip color.


Scandal and the other Velvetines lip colors are designed to have the same matte finish as the petals of a rose. The founder of the company -Doe Deere– has long had a fascination with rose petals. She has said she used to love rose petals as a child. She would place them on her lips to create a beautiful petal pout. Velvetines is her realizing that dream she had as a child of having matte petal lips.


“Scandal is for girls who like a touch of punk-rock edge and have that don’t-care attitude. Pair it with bold black liner and get ready to stir up some controversy.” says the Lime Crime founder Doe Deere. Doe Deere developed the Scandal lip color herself.


To wear the Scandal deep plum lip color make sure to use a lip balm to hydrate your lips. Tap your lips with a bit of tissue after letting a lip balm hydrate your lips for ten to fifteen minutes. Apply Scandal onto your lips with a lip brush to get it on perfectly. The lip color can be removed at the end of the day with oil or a waterproof cosmetics remover.


Scandal is a completely PETA friendly beauty product. No animals were harmed or used to make any of the cosmetics from Lime Crime makeup company. The company additionally does not permit animal testing to happen as they distribute products on their supply chain.


You can purchase Lime Crime’s Scandal lip color from the Lime Crime website, select Urban Outfitters, and on the Lime Crime Amazon seller page. The product is available for $20. All of the Velvetines are sold for $20 each.

Unicorn Paradise: Lime Crime Cosmetics

Unicorn Paradise is how you could describe the brand of Lime Crime cosmetics. Their cosmetics show absolute true creativity, color, and uniqueness in every single product developed. And, to add to their greatness, these cosmetics are developed 100% cruelty free. With the amazing selection available to all unicorn lovers, and don’t forget the one of a kind adorable packaging all products come in, these cosmetics do not disappoint.

Lime Crime has such a fantastic range of lipsticks to choose from. Regardless if you are looking for a flawless matte lip, or a stand out metallic lip for a night out on the town, they have a lip stick for you. And if you want something between the two, try the Perlees lipsticks, a perfect mix between matte and metallic. Also, their Matte Velvetines come in 45 different colors, no doubt that there will be a perfect matte color for you with a wide selection like that. If your looking for something a little extra, Diamond Crushers are lip toppers that are truly luminous, to really express your unicorn self.

The long lasting, color popping lipsticks are not the only thing to brag about. The eye shadow palettes are soft eye shadows that wear for hours with very minimum fading. Let’s not forget to mention that the eye shadows are full of insane color pigmentation, which let’s face it, is super important. Same as the eye shadows, beautifully constructed highlighters are available. Get your glow on with Hi-Lite. These highlighters are flawless, long lasting formula that can really complete your look without leaving you with a greasy look, like some highlights can tend to do. Hi-Lite illuminates your features and lets you shine bright.

With these colorful and bold cosmetics, you will feel like you are in Unicorn Paradise. And, the best part is, you can let you unicorn self shine without worry of fast fading with the high quality that these products have been developed with. So go on and summon your unicorn self, or mermaid if that’s what you prefer, with the cosmetics by Lime Crime.

Two Reasons Why Lime Crime Can Give You the Hair You Desire

For the past several years, different color hair has been the fashion trend! Celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Pink, and Rihanna have all dived hair first into the vibrant colors that match their sassy personalities! However, every woman struggles with answering the two main hair concerns: “What product can give me bold color?” and “How can I achieve this color without incurring damage to my hair?” The answer is found in Lime Crime Unicorn Hair!


Eye Catching Rainbow Colors


No matter your favorite color, Lime Crime has the right thing for you! This brand provides a semi-permanent fantasy hair colors that comes in thirteen colors: Sext, Gargoyle, Salad, Leeloo, Jello, Anime, Dirty Mermaid, Neon Peach, Strawberry Jam, Pony, Blue Smoke, Chocolate Cherry, and Bunny. Can’t find the color you’re looking for? Then no problem! These unicorn colors are designed to mix and match; so that you can create the color you desire!


Lasting Color and Safe Protection


After several washes, most hair dyes start to fade severely. Imagine wasting money and spends large amounts of time on your hair to only have short term results. The great news about this product is that is offers long lasting results. Fantasy hair loves don’t have to worry about their roots showing. Unicorn hair is created to fade gracefully, while keeping your roots intact. You must be thinking that since the color last so long, then it the dye must do more damage to the hair, right? Wrong! Each color dye is made with a vegetable glycerin! This means that there are no bleaches, ammonias, or peroxides to strip your hair of its natural nutrients.


Who says that celebrities are the only ones who can pull of bold hair? Surely, Lime Crime mission is dedicated to giving everyone the unicorn color they love with the results that they need!