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A New Way to Donate

GoFundMe is a crowd sourcing site used to generate income for various projects and charities. We all know that though right? Well Avi Weisfogel has decided to use it in a way that’s well new. Avi isn’t asking for money for himself, or his company, instead he is asking for money to donate to Operation Smile.

Operation Smile is an international charity that assist in providing surgery for children born with cleft palate, cleft lip, and other facial deformities. “Operation Smile believes that every child deserves exceptional surgical care and that all children deserve to be treated as if they were our own. The organization wants to ensure that every child knows no matter what life throws at them, they will always have hope.” as stated by Avi in a recent interview. His belief is that every child deserves the very best care available.

The charitable organization founded in 1982 assist with providing on location medical care. While it was originally founded to operate in the Philippines it now operates on a global level. Operation Smile provides medical equipment, training, and personal through it’s location specific missions.

Avi Weisfogel hopes to raise $2000 to donate to the charity so he can do his part in helping children to have hope. Providing children with surgeries that they otherwise could not obtain does indeed create hope. Hope that when we are faced with adversity there is a way to over come it, that there are people in the world with a mission to support each other in overcoming the hurtles that our world throws at us. Check out Avi’s YouTube video here.

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Yeonmi Park To Give Speech At DePauw University

I have heard the story of Yeonmi Park many times over the years as I have looked through the difficult relationship between North and South Korea, and through her inclusion on the BBC’s Top 100 Women list. I was pleased to discover Park will be giving the Timothy and Sharon Ubben Lecture at DePauw University after reading a new story on the DePauw website. The speech Yeonmi Park gives will coincide with the release of Park’s book In Order To Live and will see her join the likes of President Bill Clinton, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and NFL quarterback Andrew Luck in giving the lecture that dates back to 1986.

Yeonmi Park has chosen to tell the story of her own escape from North Korea as a way of making sure her own story and that of those who are still trapped in North Korea does not go unheard. Park’s family decided to escape the oppressive regime of North Korea after her father lost his job in the civil service and was forced into a labor camp after he traded with Chinese nationals to provide food for his family during a drought. With the family on the brink of starvation the decision was made for them to cross into China and make their way to the safety of South Korea on a journey taking almost two years to complete. Since arriving in South Korea Yeonmi Park has worked as a human rights activist and now acts as a spokesperson for North Korean refugees.

The lecture at DePauw University will be free to enter and is followed by a question and answer session with the speaker. Yeonmi Park will be the youngest speaker at the annual event in its history as the speech will be given just one day after her 22nd birthday. many, like myself, are interested to hear about the harrowing journey that initially saw only Yeonmi Park and her mother survive the journey to the South Korean embassy in Mongolia before Yeonmi’s sister made her way to the family five years after their 2009 arrival in South Korea.

Join Anastasia Date To Find Love

There are many people that have joined some of the most popular dating sites out there today, and they only come up disappointed with what they found. Not every dating website is for everyone that’s on the site, and some sites are better for socializing than for finding love. Even the most popular dating sites that have hundreds of millions of users, they may not be able to cater to the needs of those that are on the website. Although every website is different, sometimes a man might be looking for love that they can’t find through a dating website that is open to everyone.

Anastasia Date understand that dating can be difficult, so they’ve created a website that helps the man to find women overseas. Many find that women in overseas destinations can be different than women that are in the United States. Although many men have found women in the United States, some of them prefer to choose a woman who is in a different country. If two people are brought together on the Anastasia date platform, they can possibly make a love connection happen, which wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Anastasia Date is a great place for those who want to get to know someone else who’s from a different location, other than where they currently are now.

A man just has to join the website of Anastasia Date, and signing up only takes a short period of time. After the man signs up for an account, he can then purchase some points, which are good to use on the website. The points will help the man to use different features that the website has to offer, such as video chatting, and texting. There are tons of women that are available on Anastasia Date’s website, and they’re just waiting for a man to sweep them off their feet. Don’t get the Anastasia Date website confused with a catalog bride website because that is not what the website is about.

The Anastasia Date website is for men who are genuinely looking to date, and they want to talk with women who are overseas. Marriage can end up being a side effect of a relationship that has been started on the Anastasia Date website, and there is nothing wrong with this. Many who go on Anastasia Date, they’re looking for love to begin with, so ultimately, the dating scene may turn into marriage. Anastasia Date is known as the top international dating site on the Internet, so why wait any longer? Join Anastasia Date today.