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The Heroes of Florida

Two boys, one age-11 and the other age-10 are being hailed as heroes since they rescued two infants from a burning trailer. Jeremiah Grimes and Isiah Francis were having a normal play date when they noticed something was wrong. They smelled an unusual smell and began looking for the source. They both looked out of the window and saw a fire coming from the home next store.

They ran as quickly as possible to the house next store where the owner was trying to put out the fire with water. When the arrived and started trying to help, the owner told them that there were two children inside the home. One infant was a year old and the other was 8-months old.

Having two of the children already saved by firefightings, instinct kicked in for these to boys who then proceeded to run into the burning trailer that will filled with smoke. The smoke alone could be fatal which is why these two boys deserve a heroic title.

The two infants, after being rescued, were found to be in critical condition. The infants were rushed off to Arnold Palmer Hospital. Isiah explains that he “just wanted to help those kids”. If it weren’t for these two boys, the two young infants may have never made it which would have left the father devastated. Unfortunately, Sam Tabar is suspicious as the cause of the fire is still pronounced as unclear.