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Style Is Personal For Doe Deere

The cosmetics industry innovator Doe Deere has recenetly become an advocate for all those in the world who no longer want to be told by the fashion industry what they should wear at any time. The founder of the LimeCrime brand has been explaining how she mixes prints, colors, and products to create a personal sense of style she feels is perfect for her to enjoy. The use of statement pieces and colors are never limited by Doe Deere as she explains to her followers through her own social media posts and blogs, which have become must reads for the millions of people around the world.

LimeCrime is a reflection of the personal style of Doe Deere, and has remained so since it was established after Deere completed her fashion education in New York City. The Russian ancestry of Doe Deere has played an important role in her work life over recent years, particularly in shaping her own sense of style that sees strong colors and bold textures teamed with each other.

Doe Deere has also looked to become an inspiration to all those who feel the fashion industry does not reflect their own fashion choices. Deere explains in her many blogs and interviews that she does not feel the need to follow the traditional rules, instead she feels the people of the world should follow their own sense of style. In blogs she explains her own choices are based on what makes her feel comfortable and what makes her feel she is showing off her own personality. The self styled queen of the unicorns brings a sense of mythology and enjoyment to her life that is reflected by those who share her sense of individuality.

LimeCrime has shown the fashion industry the wide range of styles and personal choices people around the world are looking to enjoy without following the latest in fashion industry rules. Makeup is a major area of enjoyment for Deere, who feels bold colors can be worn together for a style that is reflected in the products produced by Doe Deere and LimeCrime.