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Learn About The Best Micahel Jackson Impersonator: Sergio Cortes

Sergio Cortes is a Michael Jackson impersonator. For those wanting to know more about him, continue to read on.

Early Life Of Sergio Cortes
Cortes is one of the most well-known Michael Jackson impersonators in the world. Cortes was born on July 30, 1971.

When Cortes was a teenager, he bared a strong resemblance to the famous pop singer. He was approached by a reporter, who asked Cortes to take a few pictures featured as Jackson. After the Cortes’s photos were published, he started to receive many invitations from people who wanted him to work as the pop singer.

Cortes said when he first started to impersonate the famous singer, he paid careful attention to how Jackson danced and sang, as well as how he carried himself when he spoke with the press.

Cortes’s Career
He has been impersonating Jackson for many years now, and he has performed numerous concerts and live concerts. The impersonator also has a Facebook page with more than 16,000 followers on it. Today, Cortes is still in high demand and asked to perform all around the world, and this is because of the talent the singer possesses.

Cortes On Social Media
Cortes is on social media and fans of Michael Jackson will become fans of Cortes because of the strong resemblance between the two, and this goes for both talent and looks. Cortest has a Facebook page, and people can follow him by clicking this link. Cortes also has a presence on Twitter, and people can follow him on the site by clicking this link.

Those who are interested in learning where Cortes will be performing can follow him on social media, as he is active on social media. If people are interested in hiring him for an event, they can also contact him via social media.

MJ Impersonator Sergio Cortes Discusses His Passion for Michael

Sergio Cortes is one of the best Michael Jackson impersonators. Not only does Mr. Cortes look exactly like the late pop rock singer, but he also sings and dances like him. Sergio’s passion for Michael is seen in an interesting online article detailing a recent auction where some of Michael’s more well-known items were sold. Mr. Cortes talks about the legend of Michael’s famous single glove, which sold at the auction for twenty-thousand dollars. According to Mr. Cortes, Michael’s explanation for the single glove was, “Why wear two when I can wear one.” Mr. Cortes also disclosed in the article found on Direito e Negocios, the person winning the famous glove also received several photos and paintings of the late singer.

Developing His Craft

Sergio Cortes entered into his profession as an impersonator of Michael Jackson, quite by chance. An online entertainment article on R7 Noticias shines a light on how Mr. Cortes got his start. Sergio’s natural resemblance to Michael drew recognition even when he was a teen. His first encounter with being a look-alike was when he was asked to pose as Michael for a photo shoot. The publication of the photos quickly through Sergio into the spotlight as the best Michael Jackson look-alike.

Sergio Cortes chose to follow the path his uncanny resemblance to Michael had taken him, by studying the late singer’s moves, vocal patterns and lifestyle. The hard work Sergio put into studying the techniques used by Michael in his performances paid off when Sergio began to give his own live performances as a Michael Jackson impersonator. Sergio’s performances are so similar to Michael’s own that some people swear it looks like the late singer has come back from the grave. Sergio openly talks about his passion for the late singer and his enjoyment in the performances he delivers. At the age of 43, Sergio has acquired a huge fan base, which can be seen by the amount of people who regularly follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

You can follow him on Twitter.

Sergio Cortes Is Possibly The World’s Best Michael Jackson Impersonator

Sergio Cortes is considered to be one of the world’s greatest Michael Jackson impersonators. The Spanish born, forty-four year old is indeed a well known impersonator of the “King of Pop”, because when Cortes puts on Jackson’s authentic clothing and accessories, styles his hair exactly as Jackson did, and wears the same kind of makeup, he undoubtedly looks like Jackson’s duplicate. However, the duplication goes further than mere physical equivalence. Cortes has also learned to sing and dance precisely as Jackson did, so when he performs as Michael Jackson, it’s as if people are watching Jackson, himself. Still, Cortes goes a little bit further to prove he is the world’s best Michael Jackson impersonator. Cortes has also emulated the sound of Jackson’s speaking voice, his mannerisms, behavior, and personality. Cortes has perfected his replication of Jackson perfectly, by focusing on every aspect that made Michael Jackson uniquely Michael Jackson.

Cortes started imitating Jackson when he was a young boy, because he was a great admirer of his music, his dance techniques, and Michael Jackson as a human being. In Cortes’s case, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so he has created a career out of impersonating Jackson out of respect and a feeling of honor to be so similar to his most favored performer. In the process of becoming one of the world’s best Michael Jackson impersonators, Cortes has developed a large fan following, himself. Cortes has many performance videos appearing on YouTube, displaying his resemblance to Jackson. The hundreds of positive YouTube comments and the hundreds of followers is indicative of people approving of Cortes’s impersonation of the King Of Pop, which has led to Cortes being asked to do television performances and interviews in several countries, as Michael Jackson. As a result of the recognition that Cortes has received portraying his hero, he has had many proposals of representation by several talent and entertainment companies, hoping to contract him as an official Michael Jackson impersonator. Cortes had decided to sign a contract with Destiny Projects Entertainment Company to manage him and his career, as a Michael Jackson impersonator.

Cortes now has a lucrative career as an official Michael Jackson impersonator, in which he is contracted to do several appearances and performances in concerts and on television, performing just as Michael Jackson did. To Cortes, this is a dream come true in which he gets paid to be his hero, and he is recognized for being one of the best, if not the best, Michael Jackson impersonators in the world. According to Cortes, this couldn’t be a better tribute to his hero Michael Jackson and his life.

Michael Jackson: Is He Really Dead, Or Sergio Cortes?

Before Michael Jackson passed away, there was great controversy. He came out and publicly recused the entertainment industry as a conglomeration of conspiracy-maintaining thugs bent on world domination and using modern pop music to hypnotize the masses. Very soon after this, Michael Jackson “overdosed” and was pronounced legally dead. In all likelihood, that’s the truth of what happened–Michael Jackson died, and part of his death had to do with him publicly calling out the wicked establishment. But there’s another mode of thought which says he didn’t die, but took up life as an impersonator doing shows on the sly and in the public eye; using knowledge of crowds to hide in plain sight. Obviously this view is conspiratorial and strange, but there are some things to uphold it; chief among them Sergio Cortes.

Sergio Cortes comes from the Mediterranean, ostensibly; and he’s such a profoundly good Michael Jackson impersonator that many who aren’t “in the know” actually confuse him for the King of Pop. Sergio Cortes doesn’t just look exactly like Michael Jackson–and that without any kind of makeup or plastic surgery!–he can also sing in the exceptionally high pitches Jackson was fond of, and move his body every bit as astonishingly, seductively well as the King of Pop could. Sergio Cortes is such a good Michael Jackson impersonator, conspiracy theorists have begun to wonder about him. They wonder if “Sergio” may not actually be a surrogate identity for “Michael”, who is now trying to hide from the “globalists.”

Well, that seems pretty unlikely. What isn’t unlikely, though, is the astonishment audiences will leave Sergio’s shows with. At the end of the day, regardless of whether or not you had any positive or negative feelings for Michael Jackson, you’ve got to acknowledge that the man was a talented artist. Sergio Cortes certainly understands this. Being an impersonator means working harder than the original artist to perfect his most well-remembered creations. This means you have a rigid framework from which to work which allows very little creative freedom, and requires absolute exactitude. Sergio Cortes has this discipline so well-ingrained it’s downright mind-boggling, and thus many simply can’t believe it. They can’t believe another man would have enough time and skill spent on the same songs as Michael Jackson. So they think it’s just Michael hiding himself in the open!

Could such a thing be possible? You decide. Book Sergio Cortes and see how the art of impersonation shines.

The Reincarnation Of Michael Jackson

Music lovers throughout the world would champion with no restraint that Michael Jackson was undoubtedly one of the best entertainers of all time. The King of Pop, was known for his electrifying stage performance. His sheer raw talent was unparalleled or so was thought, until Sergio Cortes was discovered. Sergio Cortes may very well be the best impersonator of all time, period.

When, an impressionist comes to mind the first celebrity thought of is Elvis. Thousands have tried to imitate Elvis and quite often it is like watching a cheesy spoof movie. If that is what you think when considering getting tickets to see an impersonator you might want to reconsider. Sergio Cortes will make you forget that Michael Jackson is gone. The king of pop ,impersonator is more like a reincarnation of Michael Jackson.

Tickets to see Sergio Cortes shows are in high demand and rightfully so. The sound that comes out of his voice is dynamically spot on, even down to the range. You will not be disappointed as his movements are fluid and seamless. Mannerisms of Michael have been well studied by this performer for years. Many people were still looking forward to the tour that Michael was about to embark on before his death. Saddened hearts around the world felt like they had lost a chance to see greatness on stage. In all reality, calling Sergio Cortes just an impersonator is not enough. The man is a performer who should be held in the highest regard. It is a guarantee that you will want to pick up some tickets to one of his shows.

Most might not know, but Sergio has been cultivating his skills for decades. His hard work and perseverance have surely paid off. If you didn’t know Sergio Cortes is from Barcelona, Spain. He also was born to put on a show, even when he was a kid, his talent was noted as strong. There is absolutely no doubt that if the King of Pop was living today, he himself, would be proud that he is being remembered by someone with such magnetic abilities. So if you are one of the many that did not get to see Michael perform when he was living, you still have a chance. Go see Sergio Cortes and feel like you are in the room with Michael himself.

Sergio Cortés Imitates Michael Jackson Brilliantly

No matter how old we get, we never forget the things that made us smile when we were children. If we are lucky, we can use memories to take us back to a happier time in our lives. But the ability to take that childlike wonder and translated into a career that can make other people happy as well has a greater meaning.

Sergio Cortés has managed to take a lifelong obsession with one of his childhood heroes and make an occupation of it, making thousands of people happy in the process. He is now known as one of the best Michael Jackson impersonators in the world, and his story of how he got there is nothing short of amazing.

With Sergio Cortés was a child, he watched Michael Jackson and the Jackson five reform on television. Like millions of others, he adored the amazing showmanship of the group, and Michael in particular. He was greatly influenced by the soulful stylings and dynamic performance of the five-year-old performer. Throughout the years, Cortés copied and emulated Jackson’s mannerisms and performances.

What Cortés did out of love, soon became an unknowing path toward a career as a Michael Jackson impersonator. Now, he is now regarded as one of the best Michael Jackson impersonators in world, frequently giving performances to audiences live as well as on television.

Cortés received his big break quite by accident. He was in public dressed like Jackson, when a newspaper photographer saw him and asked him if he could take a picture and put it in his newspaper. Cortez gave the photographer permission to take his photo, and soon after the photographs appeared in a large newspaper. Little did Cortés know that those pictures would seek to him becoming an Michael Jackson impersonator, a joyful position that he has now done for years.

Even though he is well known, people are still stunned when they see him. His resemblance to Michael Jackson is so uncanny, it unnerves people. For his Facebook fans, he continually takes pictures based on Michael Jackson’s career, and in particular his career around the time of his “Bad” album, and posts pictures to his fan page. He also appears on numerous Spanish television shows such as “Laura”, and others, and does concerts and appearances for thousands of screaming fans. Cortés is currently managed by Destiny Projects, and artist management and development company.