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The Trifecta: Plans for Connecting Two Landmarks, a Gondola, and Andy Wirth

Exciting news was recently ascertained by the public that beloved Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley will be finally connecting its areas with a gondola. Dedicated skiers have been attending both areas for years, and much speculation has existed as to whether or not the two owners will ever join forces to make for an ultimate winter experience.

In early April 2016, an official announcement was made by Andy Wirth of Squaw Valley stating that plans are officially in the works. Describing how the gondola will work in three parts, Wirth had an exclusive interview with Powder Magazine, and offered all of the details. He also answered some potential concerns and other questions pertaining to the controversial topic of expanding the valley’s base area.

Andy Wirth made mention to how the connecting of the two mountains was a vision of Wayne Poulsen of Squaw Valley. Giving details as to the overall route the gondola will take, and where skiers will board and exit, the businessman disproved a rumor that the snowpack experienced by KT would ruin the gondola’s overall function.

Claiming that it will not be a problem, Wirth further exclaimed his excitement to put into action what people have desired for so long. This excitement certainly coincides with the man’s good Samaritan beliefs. Born in West Germany, Wirth is actually the grandson of US National Park Service Director, Conrad Wirth.

His passion for nature would be inevitable given his family’s history, and after obtaining his Bachelor’s of Science from Colorado State University, Wirth began his experience in the ski resort industry.

Always making certain that Andy Wirth has time for charitable acts, the wildlife enthusiast serves on a multitude of boards such as the National Ski Areas Board of Directors, Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation, and is even a volunteer firefighter for the North Routt Fire Protection District. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Residing in California, he is a daredevil who regularly engages in outdoor activities that are not for the faint of heart. Skydiving, hiking, and spending time with his wife are a few hobbies that the benefactor regularly enjoys. To finalize, a vision has finally resulted in a plan that is soon to be executed. Mountain-goers can soon rejoice in the beauty of two mountains that are connected by one convenient unit.

Adding a practical aspect to the mountain serves as a generational milestone that enthusiasts of all ages will be able to partake in. There is no denying that Andy Wirth’s empathetic soul is responsible for the finalized plan, and that elation is sure to ensue when the final product is completed.

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