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A Day In The Life Of An Academy of Art University Student In Downtown San Francisco.

Sam Bear is a student at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. The following article describes a day in the life of Sam as he goes through one of his days attending the School of Motion Pictures and Television.

Sam’s day starts at 9 am, and he is currently living in the Commodore Dormitory, which was built in 1928 as a seaman hotel. There are 15 residential facilities for the Academy of Art University and the Commodore is reserved for freshmen, which is located in downtown San Francisco. Sam said that he chose this particular school because he knew they provided a solid base for film making.

There is a shuttle stop near the University where Sam is able to ride free to all campus locations just by showing his student badge. Students who live downtown experience the vibrancy and culture of the city though the cities street art, beautiful old and new buildings, the many different city residents and gorgeous weather.

Sam attends two classes related to television and motion pictures. His first class begins at 11 am, which is Production Design focuses on a variety of aspects that relate to production such as props, sets, and costume design. This class provides Same and the other students to be challenged and encouraged by peers and professors. At 3 pm, Sam is in his Directing Actors Class, which is a collaborative class that allows students to work and improve together.

The Academy of Art University has many libraries, lounges, studios and classroom with the state of the art facilities. Sam also has plenty of time to spend time with friends and fellow students in one of the many Campus Cafes that offer a variety of food choices. The Campus Cafes are a great gathering place to mix and mingle with other students to share ideas, dreams and work. Sam ends his day relaxing with friends in his dorm and he is glad he prepared for and is attending AAU.

Academy of Art University was founded in 1929 and offers many different Bachelor Degrees, and students are offered both online and on-campus learning.

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People spend hours per day sorting through emails. Many of those emails have nothing to do with work, and they have often come from subscriptions that people have completely forgotten about. Sometimes they come from subscriptions that had thought to have been cancelled or the person does not even remember subscribing to. It means that thousands of hours a year are lost to these wasted emails. 

People try to cancel these emails by sending them to junk or spam folders but they often find their way back to the inbox. There is one easy and permanent way to get rid off all the unwanted subscription emails. means that you can focus on the emails that are important. works with Yahoo, Gmail and Google Apps, and there is even an app that means it can be used on Apple and Android devices. Since a great deal of business is done away from the office, it is important to be able to sort through emails on the go. is very user friendly, and it not only deletes unwanted emails. It can sort through the emails you want and organize them into folders. It can be done by just swiping on your phone to either discard the email and unsubscribe permanently, or you can send them to any folders that you have created. There may even be subscriptions that you want to hear more from, and can send those notifications to you more prominently. With the easy system that uses standing swiping, emails can be sorted in seconds. Users can set up as many folders as they want, and they can always edit them any time that they want. even lets you decide at what time of the day you receive any updates that you want. It is an easy way to save hours on unwanted emails and finally find a way to stop subscriptions that you do not want.

LocationSmart Could Benefit Your Own Business No Matter The Size

IP geolocation is changing the way that a lot of companies are doing business and LocationSmart is a leader when it comes to providing these types of services to its clients. By using geolocation in your own business, there is a good chance that you could communicate with your customers while supporting your business in other ways.

LocationSmart is providing more ways for their customers to benefit from this type of technology as it advances and more devices are being connected to the internet or a mobile network. Whenever a device connects to a network such as the internet, an intranet, or an extranet, it is assigned its own IP address which allows the host to be able to identify the devices that are accessing it. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Crunchbase

While IP geolocation is important when it comes to network, LocationSmart is showing businesses that it can be of a lot of use for them as well and help to improve it in several ways that you may not have ever even thought were possible.

One of the major reasons why so many companies are turning to LocationSmart is that they want to be able to reduce online fraud. It’s a problem that impacts not just your customers, but your business as well and it’s getting worse.

By being able to collect the IP address from the users that are accessing your services, you are able to check to see if they are connected from a new device or from a location that is unusual for them.

In some cases, LocationSmart could also show that they are using different methods to try to conceal where they are and what they are accessing the network from. If your company is able to identify these warning signs through the use of LocationSmart, they can take the needed steps to verify identity.

Marketing is another big benefit that businesses are using LocationSmart.

Your business will be able to see where your customers are located when they are accessing your app or connected to a different service provided by your business.

This makes it easier to communicate relevant information or advertisements to your customers. In some cases, you may choose to directly communicate with your customers through a phone call after getting the geolocation data.

LocationSmart is the leading company in the Cloud Location Services market. The private company was founded in 1995 and while it is headquartered out of San Diego, they have a presence in many different countries. There are many different ways that companies are currently implementing the geolocation services that they provide and each of these is precluded with a variety of different methods for consent before location services are able to be used on mobile devices.

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Scroll up for the Rollup

Having way too many emails is always an issue, but in today’s world more and more companies are coming up with the applications or programs to fix that. Unroll Me is a program that helps you organize your email inbox by cleaning up the subscriptions we get via email every day. The idea of this program is fantastic but it still has its kinks that need to be worked out. Unroll Me works with Google Apps, Gmail and Yahoo mail is not currently working with AOL. 

To get started using this program you have to sign up for the free service online and link your email account. From there Unroll Me starts scanning your email to see which subscriptions you receive. It only took a few minutes for Unroll Me to scan a Gmail account that had more than 10,000 messages. If you want Unroll Me on two separate email accounts such as Gmail and Yahoo, then you would have to sign up in two separate accounts on Unroll Me’s website.

Once that is done Unroll Me shows you what they call a Rollup. A Rollup is a list of subscriptions that you receive every day. It is supposed to be able to identify subscriptions versus regular email. However, if a mistake is made it’s quite simple to instruct the Rollup to put certain messages in your inbox. You can also pick when to receive your Rollup for the day. There are three different times to receive it in the morning in the afternoon or at night. But if you would like to check your Rollup during the day at any random time you would just go to that particular folder in your email account. There is a specific folder for which all of your emails go to in order for Unroll Me to scan it to put emails into the Rollup.

The economic-predictive 21-hour tweet storm by Shervin Pishevar

Shervin Pishevar is a distinguished investor, financial expert, and a futurist. He established himself as an early investor in Uber technologies. He is also the managing director at Sherpa Capital a leading venture capital firm based out of San Francisco. He is the co-founder of well-established investment firms such as Sherpa capital and Hyperloop-one. Sherpa capital is known for investing in prospective companies that eventually outperform the market forming strong economic giants. Some of the significant investments by Sherpa capital include in firms like Uber, ispy, Cue Health, Doctor on Demand, Beepi, Airbnb, Munchery, and plenty more. He is a strategic advisor at Uber technologies where he previously served as a Board Observer.

Shervin Pishevar is respected in the business world due to his exemplary success and his ability to forecast future trends. He is a name to reckon in the finance industry. In February 2018, He took his expertise to Twitter where he predicted some economic trends about the American economy. This tweet storm lasted for 21 hours. In this criticism that is highly questionable, Shervin Pishevar predicted that the US economy would be faced by a financial storm which will lead to volatility in the bond market that will negatively affect the markets. He also tweeted that the markets will experience an awful 6000 points drop in the coming months. He foresees a financial crisis in the country due to high interest rates, poorly managed credit accounts and tax giveaways as well.

Continuing with his tweets, Shervin Pishevar predicted that Bitcoin crash would continue. He, however, gave investors some hope that the crash will eventually cease and the value of this gold would rise to 2K or even higher in the next two years. His other tweet was about Silicon Valley. Shervin believes that the strategy employed by this innovative hub is outdated. Locking foreigners away from the center rob the hub precious innovative ideas. He also had a commentary about the infrastructure of the US. Shervin commented that China would soon overtake the US regarding infrastructure. In this regard, he cited poor and slow projects implementation in the US against the super-fast project implementation and completion in China.

Tempus CEO Eric Lefkofsky Discusses Data Driven Medicine

As the CEO of Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky has a lot to say about data-driven medicine; recently, he sat down with Bloomberg to discuss his thoughts on the subject as well as the moves both himself and Tempus are making within the niche. His first significant thought was about how surprisingly little that technology is used within the healthcare industry compared to many other industries.
Tempus, however, is one of the few companies that’s been driving this and currently provides technological innovations and improvements to over 250 healthcare facilities that they’ve partnered with. But what are the most significant challenges that Eric Lefkofsky sees in the medical field? In his words, it’s the storage of data that patients and practitioners may need to treat a specific illness properly. This is an even greater problem when you factor in major diseases such as cancer. Greater access to personal information within the medical field would all medical practitioners to provide better treatment for their patients.
While that may sound like a difficult problem to overcome, Eric Lefkofsky has led Tempus forward when it comes to overcoming it; as it stands, the company operates the most extensive library of clinical and molecular data in the world which has been actively helping the many medical practitioners that have been using it. The company also developed an operating system to make sure that this medical library was easy for both patients and medical practitioners to use. But what kind of effect will this have on, for example, the costs of medical treatment? While Eric Lefkofsky wasn’t able to comment too specifically on the matter, he did say that Tempus’ innovations were aimed at improving efficiency in the medical field.
In the interview with Bloomberg, he mentioned that by improving efficiency in the filed, the effects would go beyond just the costs associated with medical care. Because of that, medical practitioners will save time and effort when it comes to treating their patients; the result should be the reduction of overall treatment costs. However, that wasn’t Tempus’ main goal, according to Mr. Lefkofsky. They’ve focused on improving the overall quality of healthcare.

How Jason Hope Sees Blockchain Being Used In The Internet Of Things

By now there are a number of cryptocurrencies that have become almost household names. The main ones people know about are Bitcoin and Ethereum. The total value of all of these digital currencies combined is estimated to be more than $100 billion. However, not everyone wants to get on board the cryptocurrency train. For example, JP Morgan Chase & Company just pointed out that there is nothing backing these currencies and they will all eventually shut down.

Some other people have been saying similar things about the Internet of Things. One champion of IoT is Jason Hope, a tech entrepreneur located in Arizona. He says some people are worried about the hacking risk of these devices, such as someone being able to take control the cameras in a person’s home to spy on the occupants. However, Jason Hope says there are ways to mitigate the risks involved and it is worth it because this technology will change many things for the better.

Jason Hope says that he sees IoT positively impacting society in a really big way. He acknowledges the big security risks involved and how hackers will be very much attracted to these types of devices. Jason Hope says that presently the security in IoT devices is not high enough which places them at risk of being hacked remotely. He says people need to use very good passwords when using IoT devices and he also believes that manufacturers of IoT devices need to be held to high standards. He says at the least the developers of these devices need to use digitally signed and encrypted firmware.

Some are talking about using Blockchain, which underlies cryptocurrencies, as a way to secure IoT devices. Jason Hope says that Blockchain shows that data is legitimate. He says that using Blockchain would result in a decentralized platform which will provide reliable connections to IoT devices. This removes the issue of a centralized platform which can be hacked putting all of the data it has at risk. Some industries are already using Blockchain in their IoT devices such as manufacturing and agriculture. Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance On the Internet of Things.

The internet as it exists today wasn’t really made for the types of transactions people routinely now use it for. There isn’t enough information about who each person and device is which is a big security risk. Using Blockchain in IoT will provide a way to prove who each person and device is which will make it much more secure.

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Changing the Way We Canvass with NGP VAN

NGP Van is a political software company that delivers fundraising for grassroots campaigns. They help democratic presidential candidates get their message across to the public. They assist with organizing campaigns for nonprofits and local governments. They assist political activists and help organizations gain a social media presence. They helped promote the International Day Without Women event in Washington DC and believe that women should be treated equally. They are helping people become more aware of the political climate in the world with their software apps.


Since NGP VAN has started assisting political campaigns, they have offered the arena analytical knowledge and has improved campaign organization. Their software can obtain information about voters and allow politicians to focus on specific topics of concern. They permit voters to have a stronger voice and their opinions to be heard. They have smartphone apps for volunteers that help with gathering the data from the public efficiently. They can process votes with the app and do not have to worry about the clutter that comes along with carrying paper.


In addition, NGP Van uses the “Street Team Canvassing” that permits workers to sign up voters and obtain their information online. When they are out canvassing or at a rally, they can easily organize the participates contact information. They can also use apps to contact voters on social media platforms. They have helped organize the LGBTQ community and aid in their campaigns. They are implementing software that can extract data by using binary gender labels. Their team consists of developers, engineers, designers and accountants. They employ human resource professionals, sales, account managers and marketers too. They have dedicated team that is focused on creating political change.


NGP Van has created their software to improve the canvassing method and make the lives of the organizers easier. They are already obtaining more accurate data and doing a better job at getting the voice of the people heard.

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Glen Wakeman Sees the Potential of Technology to Further Revolutionize Business

Co-founder and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, Glen Wakeman, has emerged as a figure of inspiration for the entrepreneurial-minded through his provision of counsel for budding new companies and executives.

LaunchPad was launched in 2015 as a platform through which the innovative ideas that birth startups could be intuitively laid out and then turned into a structured business plan. It also gave Wakeman a platform to direct his skills and talents into helping C-level executives who might be in need of a steady, experienced hand to aid them in decision making and the creation and execution of business plans.

Wakeman is the holder of a Bachelor’s in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton, as well as a Master’s in Finance from the University of Chicago. He launched his business career at GE Capital, where he worked for two decades, and in that period was the president of Nova Four as well as CEO of GE Money Latin America. Having lived in six countries and conducted business in more than 30 others, Wakeman has worked with an impressive number of organizations, boasting a combined workforce of 17,000 employees and a combined net asset value of $12 billion.

A Very Passionate Man

Active on the internet through his blog and passionate about helping others succeed in business, Wakeman is harnessing a lifetime of experience and expertise to advise entrepreneurs on matters of business as wide and varied as angel investing, capital raising, risk management, downsizing, mergers and many more.

In describing the work LaunchPad does for its clients, Wakeman said that the platform is designed to “make plan building easier and more intuitive by designing a simpler software platform”. Wakeman has made it a point to harness the power of technology to help solve business issues and this mindset, as much as any other, is the driving force behind LaunchPad’s existence and success. Describing himself as “really excited by the application of machine learning to business problems,” Wakeman sees the potential that technology has to further revolutionize the business world, and is looking to help others take advantage of that potential.

Bob Reina: This Is Greatness

When people see what someone like Bob Reina is doing, they realize they are seeing someone doing something that is truly great and truly special. It is not often that something like this comes along in the world today. However, Bob Reina has always been a trendsetter and always will be a trendsetter. It is why Talk Fusion has had such growth over the past decade. They have always been looking for ways to improve, strengthen the product, and keep the customers coming back for more. There is always going to be competition, no question, but with Bob Reina in charge, there is not a single thing to fear. Learn more:


One has to remember this man is a former police officer. Because of this, he has experienced a lot in his life. He has a lot of experience under his belt and he’s ready, willing, and able to do whatever is necessary to get the product out there. He is great in interviews and great with public speaking. He relishes the chance to talk to people about this video communications provider. In his mind, the more people that are made aware of it, the better the product will be and the more that people’s lives will be changed for the better. That is the ultimate goal of the company. He has even come out and said he is on a mission to change lives. He would not come out and say something like this if he did not mean it. He means every part of it and he backs it up with the work they have done.


In addition to all of that, Talk Fusion and Bob Reina have worked hard to give back to as many charities as possible. They are all about doing good things for good people. One of the most notable things they did was make a record-breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. It saved countless animal lives, which really makes a big difference when you are talking about a humane society. They need as much funding as possible.


You can learn a lot about a person by how they give back their wealth. It would be easy for Bob Reina to just kick back, save his money, or spend it all on himself. While he is a saver for the future, there is enough money to go around to help people that need it. He also allows his employees to give out Talk Fusion to a charity of their choosing as well. Bob Reina is always looking for the good in the world, and he is looking for good people to use Talk Fusion. He knows they will benefit greatly from it.