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Whitney Wolfe Herd Continues to Innovate

People that know Whitney Wolfe Herd knows that innovation is where she starts every aspect of her business. She has become someone that people are looking at as one of the top innovators in technology apps like Bumble.

This Austin-based company is one that is turning a lot of heads because Whitney Wolfe Herd has dubbed Bumble to be a feminist dating app movement. This is where she initially caught the attention of so many people that were trying to figure out how this app would actually be different from what everyone else was doing. The simple fact of the matter was that Whitney Wolfe Herd was creating an app where women would make the first move. This would be the thing that would shift the tide and make this app something that would break the norm in the dating app environment.

Women that were bold enough to make the first move were rejoicing about this app. There are also men that were tired of making the first move that were also going to feel great about this app environment. This is the type of app that essentially caters to a new millennial group of app users.

Women that are old fashioned and not interested in pursuing a conversation with a man first may not feel comfortable with this app. This app is definitely not for those people. There are many young women, however, like Whitney Wolfe Herd that feel that the method of always having the man to make the first move is outdated. These are new age women that have a new age perspective on how they approach their lives. They approach their careers differently. They approach their relationships differently. All of this means that they are interested in a different way of doing things. This is what Whitney Wolfe Herd was trying to drive home with Bumble. She wanted to be that entrepreneur that looked at doing things differently in a world that was dominated by mail competition.

Now many people can look at the way that she has become innovative with expanding Bumble and see that she is on the same path. She wanted to create Bumble BFF where people could make friends with her app. She wanted to create Bumble Bizz where people would have a chance to network with other people. All of these are aspects of Bumble that have kept Wolfe at the top of the innovation pyramid.