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Ara Chackerian’s Vision for Preserving Wilderness Areas

For individuals like Ara Chackerian, who are quite passionate about the future of forestry, areas of wilderness are of great importance in our society. Their role is a bit complex, but these areas are crucial to our resources, recreation and much more. While working in the forestry world, Ara Chackerian has given tools and knowledge to his clients and partners that will help them work towards preserving wilderness areas, while also collecting nature’s resources.


Based on patch, Wilderness areas are certainly among the most important resources on our planet. Therefore, it is crucial that we work towards protecting and preserving these areas. It is to everyone’s benefit to ensure the curation of trees and populations of wildlife. This is key to passing down one of our most valuable resources to our future generations.



When it comes to figuring out how to take care of our wilderness areas, experts like Ara Chackerian are quick to point out that each area is different, and, as a result, each area will require unique planning and management of resources.


Ara Chackerian has other areas of expertise besides forestry, but it is one of his biggest passions. Ara Chackerian, and other forestry experts across the world, currently works to extract resources and revenue from wilderness areas, while also taking care to preserve these areas for years to come.


Ara Chackerian is ASC Capital Holdings LLC’s Managing Director, as well as being an avid philanthropist, entrepreneur and angel investor. Mr. Chackerian’s work with ASC Capital Holdings involves investing in healthcare companies that are in their infancy, which he believes will work towards reinventing the American healthcare system. Mr. Chackerian has helped build healthcare companies for over 20 years, and he hold a B.S. in Marketing from Florida State University.


Ara Chackerian is fully dedicated to philanthropy. Within the past decade, he has founded and worked with several non-profits that prioritize education and youth development. As of now, his efforts have had an impact in the United States, Nicaragua and Armenia.