Clément Perrette Dreams if a Better Future for Ocean and the Creatures in It

Clément Perrette has acquired vast skills over long term engagement in his well-curated career. He works with RAM Active Investment as the Senior Portfolio Manager. Before this, Clément had taken a break to sail across the northern region of the Atlantic Ocean. This marked his first-ever time to pause his career after approximately 20 years. He was always passionate about sailing the North Atlantic. This was a dream come true, and he was thrilled with the opportunity. Initially, he used to work at Barclays for over ten years before settling on taking a break.

Clément Perrette spent three months in 2011, which was far beyond a vacation. Besides, the trip was also linked to ocean conservation. Besides his career in the financial industry, Clément is also an icon in the world of philanthropy. He has accomplished a lot in this area through Call of the Blue, a book project that showcases an array of images that narrates the story of a group of people working together to preserve and ensure a better future for oceans and many creatures living in it.

By slowing down his career, Clement Perrette has made an opportunity to do many things that he barely had time for in the past. He has significantly contributed to creating awareness around the world about the problems faced by the ocean across the globe and still encountering.

Clément Perrette also pointed out that this is likely to get even worse if nothing is done. By having an opportunity to work together with some of the top leaders in the ocean department, the effort has given him a suitable opportunity to implement his problem-solving feasible skills to a good cause. Clément Perrette believes that their efforts will have a positive influence in the future.

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