“Employee Burnout: Paul Saunders Tackles the Unspoken Issue “

There is a common problem that workers all over the globe face that threaten their mental health, job security, and potential for career advancement. Paul Saunders, founder and CEO of James River Capital, took the time to address the issue head-on. His ample work experience ranging from entry-level all the way to the top of the corporate ladder has helped him to view the problem of burning out from different perspectives and notice many similarities with employee burnout.

Recognizing Employee Burnout

For those unfamiliar with the term ‘burnout‘, it simply means exhaustion (mental or physical) that has been brought on by work or stress. There are often three main tell-tale signs of employee burnout. First, a change in attitude. Second, a decrease in motivation. Third, employee confidence levels plummet.

Solving the Problem

Whether it is one individual or an entire team, noticing the signs of burnout early on and taking action is important. Burnout can lead to loss of valuable employees. The negative feelings can spread within an organization to create overall low morale while leads to productivity problems. The answer is to be transparent with communication, begin to build employee confidence and remedy policies that might be overly strict. Learn more: https://vimeo.com/272365860

Preventing Future Burnout

The best method to avoid burnout is to stay proactive on the matter. Managerial staff needs to stay in-tuned to how employees are feeling. Employers need to help employees have an outlet to handle stress. Clear communication from management helps everyone to be on the same page. Finally, encourage employees to set daily goals and help them feel empowered by accomplishing them.

James River Capital

Since 1986, James River Capital has been helping their clients get the most out of their investments. They take a unique approach to investment by allowing for a diverse portfolio. Additionally, they use a multi-manager approach to make sure every client gets the best options from every aspect. Paul Saunders, founder and CEO, has dedicated his life to the company and the business of giving their customers the most well-rounded experience with the best possible gains for their individual portfolio. Sanders 30 plus years in the investment industry has been him plentiful insight into best practices both with portfolios and management.

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