Glen Wakeman: The Force

By his own words, ‘curiosity’ is the catalyst that motivates Glen Wakeman most. Having lived in six different countries and worked in 32, he has become a worldwide leader in global affairs.

An entrepreneur, mentor, and writer, the CEO of Launchpad Holdings shares his insights with talented people. His company provides the structure needed for creative ideas to get off the ground.

He looks forward to new ideas and is excited taking them from fruition to completion and turning the initial thought into a reality. In his quest to help companies with their performance, he developed a widely-used method that measures performance. Steps include leadership development, human capital, execution, risk management and governance.

Wakeman’s undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in economics and finance led him to a successful career, making a name for himself at GE Money and Nova Four before co-founding Launchpad Holdings. He’s a champion of small business and dedicated to helping companies improve performance. He is a blogger and frequently shares his insights and strategies with industry leaders, executives.

Launchpad came about to help individuals have an easier time developing their ideas. The software program was created for that reason. He also believes an excellent strategy is to keep the lines of communication open and expand business ties and associations.

Glen Wakeman advises that you should never take opportunities for granted. There is a lesson in every experience. He learned well while working his worst job – a summer gig cleaning bathrooms in an auto factory. It was a dirty, filthy job, but he needed the money for college. He learned “there is dignity in all types of labor.”

Glen Wakeman recommends that everyone, no matter what their path in life, should read Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War.” In it are lessons and strategies for life and business.

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