Multi-Faceted Matthew Fleeger Enjoys Success Across Industries

Formally known as Gulf Coast Western, LLC, the company often called simply Joint Ventures is the business of exploring, developing and acquiring oil and gas resources in the gulf regions of the United States.

Matthew Fleeger wears the dual hats of CEO and President. He likes to attribute the long success of Joint Venture to the “transparent relationships” he consistently strives to maintain with his accredited partners. For Matthew Fleeger the qualities of “trust,’ “honesty,” and “integrity’ are the foundation of success and good business practice.

A hallmark of the quality company can be measured in years of operation. Join Ventures is a family-owned business founded in 1970. It currently maintains locations in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Colorado. Louisiana is an important area of focus today for the firm. Through partner Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration, Joint Ventures has been able to secure property rights to hundreds of square miles of production territory in southeastern Louisiana. That includes 3D seismic data. It comprises more than a dozen working wells and 140 defined drilling locations. It all represents some 30 million barrels of oil equivalent reserve potential.

Although he is quick to give credit to those working around him, Matthew Fleeger has been the brain trust who has guided Joint Ventures to be among the most successful enterprises in its region and sector.

He is listed in the International Who’s Who of Business professionals. Matthew Fleeger is widely sought by industry observers for his deep expertise in oil and gas production. But he is also a well-regarded expert in the field of waste management.

He gained that experience as the former founder of MedSolutions, Inc. This is a diversified holding company that specialized in the safe handling and disposal of medical wastes produced by healthcare providers. Fleeger is also known for his extraordinary success in the tanning industry. He developed the world-renowned Mystic Tan brand.

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