One of Talk Fusion’s Main Products receives an Award.

Talk Fusion is a communication technology enterprise that has managed to penetrate the market at a fast rate. The company’s Video Chart Solution recently gained recognition from the Technology Marketing Corporation, which acknowledged it as the 2016 Communication Solutions Product of the Year. The product was the first joint video marketing tool that has ever been created. It was nominated for one other award in 2016 besides the Technology Marketing Corporation’s recognition. The organization offered the honor to appreciate products that have been giving data, audio, and video communications for less than 12 months, but have managed to make a notable revolution in the market and to the community.


Talk Fusion incorporated top notch technology, which is called WebRTC, to ensure that the product effectively makes face-to-face communications. It is compatible with devices such as smartphones, computers, and tablets and can be downloaded from Google Play and the AppStore. The Talk Fusion product has been on the market since March 2016, and its award shows that it has had an impulse to the society. Bob Reina, who is the firm’s founder, believes that its staff has been striving to make the Video Chart Solution exceptional.


The company made a couple of accomplishments in 2016, and they include releasing a product trial that does not require clients to pay, purchasing a state-of-the-art WebRTC decoder, and releasing, which is its refurbished online platform. Talk Fusion has dedicated its service to customer satisfaction. It has been working to ensure that its independent associates reach many clients globally.


Talk Fusion is a fast rising company that has been recognized for being the provider of the first integrated Video Marketing Solution. The products and services of the firm distinguish the clients from their competitors, and this allows them to avoid competition as well as make noteworthy profits. The design of the video marketing solution makes it interactive, credible and appealing. The company has been distributing its products through a network marketing strategy that involves independent representatives. The agents sell the prom from person to person to person, and the compensation is instant.

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