OSI Food Solutions, A Global Leader in Growth and Sustainability

With over a century of performance excellent to their name, OSI Food Solutions remains one of America’s top companies. Additionally, their operational model has made a global impact in recent years. Founded by a German immigrant in 1909, OSI got its start as a humble neighborhood meat market. It was a partnership with the young burger franchise, McDonald’s, that facilitated its rise to national prominence. In its early days, just like today, OSI Food Solutions is known for the hallmark of quality meat. Presently, OSI employs over 20,000 people worldwide and provides meat product solutions for a wide variety of retail, restaurant, and food service vendors. With yearly revenues upwards of $6 billion, they rank as one of America’s largest private companies.

OSI Food Solutions has also been commended for its ability to adapt to the challenges of our changing and interconnected world. Despite being a global industry leader, OSI has not neglected its social and environmental responsibilities. On the contrary, in 2016 they were proud recipients of the Globe of Honor Award. The Globe of Honor is given as a commendation by the British Safety Council. OSI Food Solutions has conducted large scale operations in the United Kingdom since 1989, where they supply restaurants with high quality pork and beef. Winning the Globe of Honor Award in this market requires the company to maintain a five-star rating from the British Safety Council. An independent review board also scrutinizes company-wide environmental practices.

To achieve this distinction, firms must effectively streamline health and safety concerns with normalized environmental practices. It is no simple task, as only 18 companies attained this standard during the 2016 award cycle. It was not OSI’s first time earning this distinction, however. They were awarded the Globe in 2013 also. This level of achievement is consistent with the their overall legacy. In addition to sound environmental practices, the company is also in a state of expansion. Recently they acquired BAHO Foods, and Flagship Europe, allowing them to broaden their expansion into both domestic and overseas markets. Today they boast over 65 sites across 17 countries worldwide. Read More.

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