Rick Cofers Contributions to a Fair Judicial Approach to Juvenile Cases

According to thenewsversion, the scope of cases differs, depending on the age of the people involved. For the juvenile cases, the proceedings are complex, primarily on the defense side. Cofer believes that this should not be the case, especially in a country with strong views on equality and adherence to the rule of law. He, however, acknowledges that complexity is a product of different realities in the legal world.

He points out that this view on juvenile cases is wrong on the following accounts. First, the legal world should acknowledge that young people are still in the developmental stages. Although this view should not justify the crimes, Rick Cofer believes that it should instead give them a fair hearing. Second, he believes that young people are a product of what is happening in their homes, and this reality should direct the judges to give sentences that have a ‘human face.’

Some of the reasons why he is passionate about this legal forte include the following. First, he has an unmatched understanding of different legal niches, but Rick Cofer is more passionate about children rights — especially from a deference perspective. He believes that committing a crime should not be a ticket to condemnation, but a chance to rebuild life and change ways. In the period he has practiced law, the burden of helping young people get ideal legal representation has also been dear to him.

Second, he is also passionate about the future of young people — especially those that have fallen out of the prescribed social expectations. Rick Cofer Law has confidence in giving the young people a chance to rebuild their lives and more importantly, continue to be the change agents. His inspirations are becoming a reality — thanks to his passion of defending the people on legal proceedings. In Austin, people associate him with second chances and hope for the young people.

Lastly, the legal think tank is also passionate about the environment, especially protecting the natural resources around his community in Austin. Through the sustainability projects, Rick Cofer believes that the future of his community will not only be safe, but the current projects will create a good precedent around the preservation debate. Apart from creating awareness around preservation, he is also passionate about creating better parks and renovating the older ones.


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