Talk Fusion Has Live Video Chat Product Of Year Award For 2016

Talk Fusion was founded by Bob Reina to change the public perception of video messaging and to show how videos could tremendously help a business keep customers coming back for more. Talk Fusion started out as a video email service, but its become much more than that having now put together online meeting and video chat apps that use webRTC technology. The latest version of Talk Fusion’s video chat app won a Product of the Year award from the Technology Media corporation in 2016 for improved features and proven reliability. Reina is proud of this award and believes that it’s a milestone for Talk Fusion to show just how valuable video marketing is.


Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007, a number of years after he had retired from the Tampa Police Department. Reina had gotten interested in direct selling and wanted to see if he could make it big on commission income. It was an adjustment period, but he believed he could find something revolutionary that would propel his own business to the top. In 2004 he vacationed in North Carolina, and when he found he needed a new program to share videos he took with his family via email, he decided that would be the foundation of his new business.


After several trial runs and perfecting the new video email software, Bob Reina and his friend had patented the first video email client using webRTC. Soon they added video newsletters and later signup forms and group meeting products. Talk Fusion began to take off in sales, and Reina decided to add the multilevel marketing model to the company and started an associate’s program. Not only can associates earn extras for sales volume numbers and referrals, they can also win expensive rewards such as rolex watches, sports cars and tropical paradise vacations.


Talk Fusion also has several initiatives to help give customers and associates a greater appreciation for its products. There are now 30-day free trials that customers can signup for without entering payment details, and associates can earn credits for referring them to the trials. There’s also a giving back program for associates to donate a talk fusion monthly access account to any charity they choose.

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